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  1. ilankrt

    RealLandIsrael XP10

    Do you have a time line for publishing the Beta version?
  2. Name: Lukla Tibet VNLK Category: XP Aircraft Date Added: 22 December 2013 - 03:07 PM Submitter: ilankrt Short Description: view with 1080HD full screen I didn't exercised yet all the flights to the 10 most dangerous airports in the world, but Lukla seams to me to be the number one under them. Trying to land at VNLK,I got one big problem. Luklas runway was not drawn correctly! Landing on runway 06 there is a sharp buckling after some meters, causing the plane either to jump or hitting the propellors the runway surface and crashing the plane. The fade-in video are showing the real runway surface. This hindrance made a smooth landing nearly impossible. I had to approach the runway almost at the same level while decreasing engine power to minimum (red line). In short, it is not a near real simulation as I wished to fulfill ! Nonetheless flying from Katmandu the approach itself between the high mountains down from 14.000 to 9.000 on short distance in a narrow valley is a challenge by itself. View Video
  3. Name: Jomsom2 (VNJS) Nepal approach and landing Category: XP Scenery Date Added: 22 December 2013 - 03:00 PM Submitter: ilankrt Short Description: None Provided Part 2 landing the Pilatus PC-12 (9 passengers) and the bigger plane of Dornier Do-328 (33 passengers) View Video
  4. Name: Manang (VNMA) Category: XP Scenery Date Added: 22 December 2013 - 02:58 PM Submitter: ilankrt Short Description: Switch to 1080HD and full screen - enjoy Himalaya Manang (VNMA) airport in Nepal Manang airport is not far away from Jomson airport, but to get there I have to pass the Himalaya peaks, to fly between them and get the right path to reach the valley of Manang and the short gras strip (since end of 2013 the strip is coverd with asphalt) at 11115f. I have to use planes that have enough power to climb steeply and fly in those altitudes. There are no landing help or navaid information. There are no roads in the area and all local traffic is on foot or carried on mule backs. View Video