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  1. I updated my Airfoillabs King Air 350 GPS with dual GTN 750s and now the GTN 750-2 2D does not show up. I think it maybe due to the GTN_750_2.WINDOW frame.rect. If I move the GTN 750-1 2D window the frame react changes. I think the 750-2 2D window is off screen as that WINDOW frame.react is 2562,380,830,790. Changing and saving that value in the .ini doesn't help as the value keeps returning to the 2562. I post this here hoping for a solution. The default value is coming from somewhere. Any ideas?? Thanks for reading this, DenS
  2. Reality XP PLEASE update the GTN 750 for Xplane 12. I will gladly pay for an update. Thank you
  3. I have had the 'Rebooting..." problem in the Airfoil King Air 350 v 1.5 using the Ither 5.0 install.It is Intermittent with Rebooting more than successful starts. Eloy's Task Manager fix works up to clear the message and start the 750. I thought the issue was with the Ither install. Guess not. Here there are two "GTN Simulator.exe" lines, there is a 725 running in the background. Glad to have a fix THANKS.
  4. There are times when it is beneficial to edit or delete a waypoint that is part of a procedure. Perhaps to straighten a leg or improve the course. For example RW 22 out of KSRQ all the SIDS head north. Nice to cut the turns when headed south. Any way of doing this in LNM. Easy enough to do in the FMC but it would be nice to have the course correct in LNM to follow the flight. Also how about an XP FMC? Nice program thanks, DenS
  5. When flight planning in Little Navmap I get the ,message "Cannot calculate profile. See tooltip on this message for detailes" in the Flight Plan Elevation Profile and the Flight Planning windows. Where is the 'Tooltip" and why do i get this message? Thank you
  6. Thanks, I was looking for the compass rose at the bottom of the HUD as shwon in the manual. Never even saw the numbers you have pointed out. DenS
  7. I do not see the compass rose in the HUD view. Perhaps I have something not checked. Any suggestions? Wim 7 X-Plane 10 Demo Full version was just shipped (can't wait) Thanks for reading this... (reduced size screensot attched) DenS
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