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  1. What is the procedure with this when upgrading to the new patch version? Just install the exe etc or do we have to follow the uninstall/install procedure?
  2. Hi, are we able to have suitable wingtip vorticies for fast jets as the one in this package is OK for slower speeds but thickens at speed?
  3. chrissykes

    Amazing Clouds! What's the secret settings?

    Wasn't 2.3 where the clouds were oversized?
  4. I have purchased both F/A-18 and the Tacpack and i'm loving it, I have been waiting on the release of Tacpack for Prepar3d for ages and this now allows me to start binning off FSX. I didn't have any issues with VRS charging for this as its a completely new product line, and fair play to them for giving such a discount! These are not normal products either, the F/A-18 is a high end product, Tacpack is a Prepar3d system upgrade that allows you to drop and fire weapons!
  5. chrissykes

    Traffic Optimizer for P3D

    Ok thanks
  6. chrissykes

    Traffic Optimizer for P3D

    Thanks for the reply, what i meant by view was that for instance if the said AI was heading in an opposite direction to you (IE for you) or crossing your path would it take this into consideration for not deleting?
  7. chrissykes

    Traffic Optimizer for P3D

    does this just delete AI at will no matter if for instance they are heading towards you and may be becoming into view?