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  1. grayal

    RAAS volume low

    Interesting. I will try this out when i get home from work.
  2. grayal

    RAAS volume low

    which volume in the FMC?
  3. grayal

    RAAS volume low

    So i have this same issue and i never saw any update for this. I am running P3d 4.3 and i cannot hear RAAS at all with the 747 i have aerosoft airbus professional and can hear it fine with that aircraft. Any updates or fixes for this issue?
  4. bah!! forget it guys. This clearly is an ORBX vector issue. ORBX tech support however is disinclined to address it.
  5. Ive been thinking about that very product but I cant find relevant screenshots of the city area. I HAVE found screenshots of San Francisco but not the Embarcadero or Wharf area. Just another $40 to fix an issue that I think ORBX should be slowly addressing with hotfixes. IMHO if ORBX is going to introduce an area that makes Default scenery appear is odd places then it wouldn't kill them to exclude the area default scenery and place new similar objects in the correct positions. Yes there would be a lot of them and no one should expect them to change them all but a major metropolitan area should get attention. Hey....ORBX NCA fixes this you say???? ...$40? me smells a conspiracy. j/k
  6. So I asked ORBX about that. They said that you can configure vector to hide or show road types to suit your scenery. It has been clear that the double bridges are an ORBX Global Vector issue. I am almost certain that the coast thing with the wharf is as well after a few hours to chew on the problem. Right on the Global Vector product page it states that it changes COASTLINES. WELL!!!! Pier 39 would be a coastline in this case. Since the buildings though are default buildings and not autogen, they didn't move when ORBX VECTOR moved the coastline. I guess I need to learn how to add an exclusion polygon to the area and place the building in the right place. I have seen MANY stories of situations like this. ORBX tech support seems to have the attitude that if you don't want the floating buildings double bridges or Runways in the water, then "Don't Use Vector." All in All Vector is AWESOME!!!! I just wish they would be a bit more receptive to small issues it creates rather than saying simply "NOT OUR FAULT" and running away yelling whoop whoop whoop!!!! IM A FIRE TRUCK!! whoop whoop whoop!!! To be clear. ORBX products AWESOME. ORBX tech support.......... needs customer service training.
  7. So this is becoming quite the odyssey. I have posted in Prepar3d Scenery DEV forum, The ORBX support forums and the NineTwo Forums (FreeMesh). I am having an issue with the default buildings on Pier 39 (fisherman's Wharf) offset from the land they are supposed to sit on. They are hangin out in the water. I have posted the link to the pic of the problem as I don't know how to imbed it. No reply from P3d Devs No reply yet from Freemesh ORBX says it's not their problem and furnished pics of the default scenery without ORBX showing the buildings in the correct place. This leads me to believe it's a freemesh problem. My issue with this theory is that I should think that a mesh issue would cause the buildings to be incorrect in elevation not physical coordinates unless the coast is what is offset. If the entire coast was offset though other buildings would be misplaced but they aren't.
  8. Hi all, I've been trying to track down this issue for some time. I am using Freemesh Global 2.0 and the USA Beta along with ORBX Base, Vector, NALC, EULC. I have an issue (picture below) with the buildings on Pier 39 (fisherman's Wharf) sitting offset from the land they should sit on. They are currently in the water. I posted in the Prepar3d forums and the ORBX support forums. I was shown pictures of the same area with my same ORBX products installed and in those pictures, the buildings are in the right spot. This leads me to believe that it must be a problem with FREEMESH. Any help getting the tourists back onto land and not drowning in the bay while they shop for nick knacks and fudge would be greatly appreciated. Cant figure out how to embed the PIC
  9. grayal

    Difficult to slow her down during descent !

    Just found this thread after having the same slippery issues. The math here is messing me up though. I keep seeing a formula that essentially says Altitude to loose X3 = Distance To Decend needed. Ok this is what doesnt make sense. For example im at FL300 and need to get to 0 for simplicity's sake. 30000ft X 3 = 90000ft. Im gonna need a LOT more than 90000 ft from my destination to decend. Can someone please explain this to me. I'm clearly missing something.
  10. I have this problem and fly with as2016 as well
  11. Does anyone know where to download or have a repaint of the Captain Sim 757 in the New American Airlines livery? I've been hunting for months with no success.
  12. Does anyone know where to download or have a repaint of the Captain Sim 757 in the New American Airlines livery? I've been hunting for months with no success. Sorry about the double post. Did this on my phone with shotty signal.
  13. Hi all, Just to get it out of the way, I am running P3D v4.3 ad UT2 v2.10. Im not really sure if this is the appropriate place in the avsim forum to post this but here goes. Im wondering if anyone else is having this issue. I noticed that i had "GHOST FLIGHTS" flying around in my sim with me. That is to say they have an ATC label (which i have turned on for troubleshooting,) but no aircraft model is displayed. Other flight numbers using this exact model however are displaying just fine. I read that this issue is caused by changing an aircraft.cfg file's "UI_VARIATION=" or the "TITLE=" line once this particular aircraft repaint had allready been assigned in the UT2 database. I loaded my repaintlist.txt file into excel to sort it out by aircraft and see if i can find the offending planes. What i saw for a plane repaint that this was occuring with was a line depicting the texture I had assigned for the model and right below it on the next line was the same aircraft model with a DAEDALUS texture assigned to it. This Daedalus texture however was not showing in the UT2 UI as assigned AT ALL. In fact I had several cases where NO Daedalus textures were assigned to a particular Aircraft type due to me replacing ALL of them with appropriate repaints. I had made changes to the aircraft.cfg files TITLE= and UI_VARIATION= after the repaints were assigned in the UT2 UI. This of course was before i knew about the issue. I was able to fix a great many of them by simply loading the UT2 UI and unassigning ALL repaints cooresponding to the offending MODEL and TEXTURE saving the changes then reassigning the desired textures to the model and saving again. Upon refreshing the repaintlist.txt file and importing it to excel i found that many of these had been fixed. This was futher verified by loading them sim with the same parameters and not finding the "GHOST" plane any longer. My problem come in because i have some of them that for some unknow reason just WON'T GO AWAY!!!!! Does anyone have a step by step procedure on how to clear this up? Im sorry for the long winded explanation but I wanted to be clear and provide as much information as i can. TLDR version : GHOST PLANES in UT2 HOW DO YOU FIX THEM?????
  14. Ive been working for a week now to correct my repaints as well as the incorrect iata codes with this moat recent schedule. If there isnt an issue in it, i can upload my fix. This will of course be without the textures but i can change over the various aircraft.cfgs to a generic title bht listing the proper textures. From there people can go out and get em
  15. What do you mean? I use p3d 3.4 and have no issues updating schedules with the latest version of powerpack. The new ut2 schedule for summer 2016 needs a lot of airline iata code updates and i use power pack for that as well.