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  1. Thanks PCAviator for checking into this. That would be awesome if you can find which tiles to remove under the ultra res to fix the problem. Keep us posted.
  2. That is a good idea specialist. Does anyone know if other states have this problem with the underlying state MSE 2.0 and the city ultra res scenery?
  3. Hey Neil0311 and PCAviator, I just bought the Georgia Mega Scenery and the Atlanta Ultra Res. I installed the ultra res first and everything was working perfect. Then I installed the whole state of Georgia and every lake or river inside the boundaries of the Atlanta Ultra Res are showing the textures of the standard full state and not the ultra res textures. Unfortunately since they are so different it sticks out like a sore thumb. Just thinking about this logically like you said, I think the best solution would be to uninstall the Georgia MSE 2.0 that lays beneath the Ultra Res Scenery. Maybe someone can let us know exactly what tiles overlap and we can try that out by just removing the overlapping tiles. It should fix the problem just fine as long as the tiles overlap perfectly on the outside edge of the Atlanta TAC area. Any thoughts?