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  1. I am looking for staff for Virtual US Airways or vAWE. We will be incorporating both US Airways and American Airlines. We are taking this VA slow this time and doing it right! If you are interested in becoming a staff member below, please comment "I am interested" and I will friend you and get back to you once I start making decisions based on the staff. Expect the launch EARLY June if we get all the staff sorted out now. Hub Mangers for: -Charlotte Douglas International -Philadelphia International -Ronald Reagan Washington National -Sky Harbor International -Dallas Ft. Worth -Kennedy International -Miami International -O'Hare Chief Pilots of: -A319 -A321 -A330 -MD-83 -B737-800 -B757 -B767 -B777 -B787 Also Director of Human Resources The NEW Virtual US Airways Is here!
  2. I have added a signature now -Chris Gartrell
  3. There is no installer! No softwre or files will be transfer. What i was planning on doing is using teamview to edit the TDS and PMDG files on the customer's computer to make the PMDG VC work with the TDS model
  4. cgartrell1

    GB Airlines starts operations

    We can help you grow!! Check us out! if you have any question, dont hesitate to email me!
  5. What looks edited? Here, if it is edited, how about Joey posts the picture of the chat here! I do not understand how I am violating it? I am not sending any files Whatsoever over. All I am doing is charging to install the merge and you can see in the product description. Please tell me whats wrong about that?
  6. Hello Joey Brown, I am confused to why you are lying about this? Attached is the log from our conversations a couple minutes ago. If any PMDG staff would like to contact me, please email me at Thank you Picture #1: Picture #2: As you can see, no cursing was done at all. If you would like, I can send you the pictures from the previous conversation we had regarding schedules Facebook: