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  1. Hello, Nico! Add please new airline: AZO - Azimuth Airlines, Thanks for the remarkable program!
  2. Serdgio

    Could not be created, again

    Hello! The problem is gone after observance of conditions from "AILGenerator Manual": Repair checkboxes With these checkboxes you give AILGenerator permission to make changes to your aircraft.cfg files! <Watch Out!> format If checked AILGenerator will format all your valid aircraft.cfg files, except the ones coded in UTF16. Formatting will imply: The file starts with the [fltsim.x] sections followed by other sections. The [fltsim.x] sections will be in alphabetical order of the atc_parking_codes key (= the airline code); if they are equal the ordering will be done on the registration code. Between [fltsim.x] sections one empty line will be inserted, extra empty lines will be removed. White space surrounding the title of a livery will be removed. But the problem remains. AILGenerator with the checkboxes format processes Aircraft.cfg not all planes Even if a format not UTF16. For example Aircraft.cfg with a considerable quantity [fltsim.x] sections, in my case 514, format ANSI. Сan you explain why?