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  1. Matt_AU

    Need specific wheel

    No worries, glad I could help! If you jump in to iRacing, I'd love to hear your thoughts on their MX5. Such fun racing and I've wondered how close the sensation is to 'real' racing - sans the g-forces of course!
  2. Many thanks Slayer! After just receiving my copy of FSX, this was the first thing I looked for. Ta!
  3. For those looking for their GPL fix - the Papyrus engine used for GPL and early NASCAR/Indy games is still around - the company became iRacing and still have the main engineering brains behind the scenes (including co-founder Dave Krammer, who is the tyre-modelling guru). They've also recently released the Lotus 49 which is the closest thing to the 'authentic' GPL experience out there. I believe the Lotus 49 also features in Project C.A.R.S, Asseta Corsa and rFactor 2 (and are easier to handle than the iRacing version) so there's a few options available at the moment for those looking for a GPL-like fix!
  4. Matt_AU

    Need specific wheel

    Hi Spokes, Would the Simraceway S1 fit the bill? It's actually a 'floating' wheel with 4 paddles. Lots of people mount them to older wheel bases for a more realistic feel. I have seen these used as the base device by a few 'hands only' racers. The other option that springs to mind is making something up with a joystick controller (i.e. a Leo Bodnar board - maybe his SLI range of products have paddles working on an axis...).
  5. Matt_AU

    Looking to learn the principles of racing

    Glad they helped. Here's one more I just re-discovered and thought I'd share: From the Skip Barber Racing School. A bit old and 'cheesy' but still relevant (with the exception of the wet weather techniques near the end of the clip). I got a lot from this one.
  6. Matt_AU

    Looking to learn the principles of racing

    So very true! I have my A (road) and B (oval) and stick mostly to the open wheelers. Too invested to look elsewhere yet! Speaking of which, tomorrow I'll explore outside of this forum thread and start working out 'where to start' in the flight sim world. FSX, P3D, mesh and vector packs... Oh my! :blink:
  7. Matt_AU

    Looking to learn the principles of racing

    Certainly, you are right! The goal of the rookie series is to get out of being a rookie. Unfortunately that means clean racing rather than going for position. So it's often better to start from the pit-lane and avoid the first turn/lap carnage. If you go through this, you get 3 months free iRacing + 2 extra tracks: - it's the best value way to start out with it. AC is really looking good but still feels 'arcade' when it comes to the tyres on track surface and the amount of grip available.
  8. Matt_AU

    Looking to learn the principles of racing

    iRacing is fantastic. It's real racing with virtual cars, so no crash'n'bash etc. Which is nice. Basically, if you want a 'sim' and safe-ish racing, iRacing is the only option outside of private leagues. Here's all their 'Racing School' videos which are typically applicable to all racing sims: They cover topics such as proper braking, cornering and general racecraft.