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  1. popejose

    VAFS Does Not Recognize Q400 Engine Starts

    Sort of, they are both tinkering with the same setting in the end. I was never able to get any CTRL E to work. This bypasses the panel and simply sets the engine as "firing". (rather ungracefully). /regards
  2. popejose

    VAFS Does Not Recognize Q400 Engine Starts

    Create a blank file called (be sure to get the extention right!) VAFS_fake.lua then edit it and place these two lines in there. ipc.writeSW(0x0894, 1) ipc.display("Faked Q400 start") Save it in your FSX modules folder then launch FSX. Goto FSUIPC and bind a key or button to do an "FS action" and select from the list "Lua VAFS fake". just press the button to trick VAFS. it will throw your #1 condition lever and throttle to max. just wait 5secs and bring them back down. Engine won't actually start but vafs will think it did. /regards
  3. popejose

    VAFS Does Not Recognize Q400 Engine Starts

    I was just playing with this yesterday.. I am at work now, here is a quick fix. ipc.writeSW(0x0894, 1) I tried one flight last night and it worked nicely. On your next flight VAFS will set it back to 0 when you start flight. I'll explain later in more detail if you don't know what to do with this. /regards