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  1. mlewis

    Whats after 747 v3? I have a suggestion

    I know it's fantasy from a commercial point of view, but I would love to see an MD11 v2. Something different from another Boeing please, much as I love them! I'm sure the powers that be at PMDG have something interesting in mind for us. Martin Lewis
  2. mlewis

    PMDG future projects?

    Wouldnt it hypothetically be a PMDG 737 v3 in any event? I distinctly remember a PMDG 737 for FS9... Martin Lewis
  3. Ryan- just so you know. These tutorials have always been amazing. I've flown PMDG aircraft since the original 737 for FS9, and your tutorials have really brought them to life for me. I don't have the time I used to have for this hobby, so my knowledge isn't as deep as some or most, and your tutorials have given me so much fun and enjoyment from these amazing aircraft. Your efforts are really appreciated!