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  1. Morning everyone, Ive recently got back into flying with FSX Gold (SP2) and am having an audio problem that i hope someome can help me with. During a flight (any flight with any plane) there is an annoying sound like something interfering with the speakers that has a tone or. pitch that goes up and down... ATC chat is fine but most times it has happened after ATC has finished speaking. it lasts for about 10 seconds then sounds return to normal (aircraft sounds, ATC etc). I mentioned that it sounded like some kind of speaker interference but i know its not that as im a licenced Amateur Radio operator and have already checked all my pc components for interference to check there would be no problem using my Kenwood TS570 radio... (interference is a big issue for Ham's).. Thinking of addons I have installed that generate any audio i have the following installed: Active Sky Next (latest update) Ultimate Traffic 2 Air Hauler GSX So has anyone had a similar issue and can shed some light for me please??? Thanks for all replies...Best wishes Glenn W.
  2. NitroUK

    Which models?

    Hi everyone, I haven't stepped up to the world of the big boys planes yet (I'm a turbo prop jockey) and just wondered if anyone could tell me if all the PMDG aircraft have the Taxi Cam feature? Best wishes Glenn