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  1. MarkAbbey

    Dreamfleet's 737-400, FS2002 & Windows 7 Problem

    Yup, I was perfectly happy using 2002 all this time. It makes a pretty good procedures sim to help with my real world flying. I built up a large collection of add on aircraft, and was reluctant to upgrade to FS-X, and upgrading is a pain. So now I got a new computer, Win 7 (I refuse to put win 8 on it), and there are some new add ons for FS-X only that I want, so I broke down and got FS-X. Meanwhile, until I build up my FS-X collection, I will continue to use 2002 in the interim.
  2. MarkAbbey

    Dreamfleet's 737-400, FS2002 & Windows 7 Problem

    I recently migrated my FS2002 from XP pro to Win7 pro 32 bit SP-1. Everything installed well except the Deam Fleet installers refused to run, even using the XP compatability featues of Win7. I was able to get the DC-9 to run fine by copying the files to the appropriate folders, but the 737 can't run because it needs certain entries written into the registry to work, even with all the fields copied. Is there a way to get the installer to work? Also, the Ready For Pusback 747-200 Classic S Combo crashes when I try to connect to FS2002 because of a Direct-X compatibility issue. It can't write to the sound engine of FS. Do I need an earlier version of Direct-X, or I'd it something else?