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  1. Hi Roland, Thanks for this, sorry I havent replied sooner, was still testing this extensively as well as the new hotfix release. I think I figured out a bit better the AI Separation, though some additional feaures would be nice (for example, some AIs following the same STARs get assigned the same altitude while in real life they would be assigned 1000 below or above so as to pevent potentil conflict). I am actually using and trying all features but since I cannot seem to make AI taxi work I had to temporarily mae without the feature. The thing is if for this reason I dont want AI taxi im forced to disable custom approach (one not working with the other due to fsx limitations of AI not landing without clearance, i guess you got rid of the options to kill AI if they land without fsx clearance). Anyway with each new release I try full features, the last one is slightly better for me, limiting AI taxi speed to 10 knots as was suggested to me by toegl, but still my AI do not park where supposed, and often point their nose left to right while taxiing. If I play with one or two options to tweak this it becomes difficult to really understand what does what, any chance you can provide your customised options? Regarding IAF intercept, just for the records since I guess this won be used again, I noticed that when AI reach the last STAR waypoint at the right altitude, most of the time they will land correctly. If they are too high they will circle at east once. With latest release, even though i do have custom approach in the folder, they are not read if enhanced mode is off. Besides this, with full new version, I noticed the following: 1) Sometimes AI on jet routes get wrong altitude assignement (odd instead of even and vice versa), specially happens above FL380 or below FL290. 2) I noticed on parallel runways operations, that AI approaching a STAR for 25L for example, get put in a hold because of loss of separation (while there are no AIs ahead at all, except for the ones landing on 25R) 3) Would be nice if holding could stop when separation is regained (and not just through a decreasing timer based on number of AI. I do play with landing rates for this purpose) Some thoughts for the future of AI taxi landing and take off: -I tweaked the taxi graph to disfavor some taxiways for ai landing, I hope when AI take off comes in, the same disfavored taxiways will not apply and there will be a two-way system to tweak the taxi graph settings so that the landing taxiways are not disfavored for take off. Thank you!
  2. Thanks I will give it a try. Roland, I still have some issues I cant seem to resolve, not necessarily about taxi but also all the previous and original options AIController was designed for. 1) The first of which is AI Separation. To me it is not working well, no matter what number I use for AI separation the results often gets compromised at big airports with many AI. In this regard, I have some questions on how your program works so as to better design my STAR a) How does the program calculate the spacing between AIs? Is it only by the exact time they will reach the last STAR waypoint? the airport? If I have many STAR, should at least one (or the last) STAR waypoint be common to all these STARs so separation works? b) Could there be a way that th program commands a different altitude for close AI. Often I have a long queue of AI separated by less than 2-3 nm and descending from the same altitude, at the same descent rate etc...not really realistic Eventually I often have finals with 3 to 4 AIs separated by only a few nm 2) I switched back to enhanced mode off a few days ago to try the STAR, and I have a lot of this issue: reaching the last STAR waypoint, AI cirle around a bit and then intercept to land, some intercepts directly, some not. I tried different setting with AI assigned altitude when exiting star=0, i modified the STAR to specify an altitude for the last waypoint, everything, but it is still very random. Trying to understand how this works. The weird hing is for the north runway this seldom happens, for the south runway, it almost always does. How to prevent this? My last STAR waypoint is distant to the IAF by a few miles. 3) I cant seem to be able ot use custom approach. Even if the files are in the right folder, it is not recognised unless enhanced mode is on (I did put 1 in the use custome final approach setting) SIDs work flawlessly Thanks for your help!
  3. My bad indeed, I was doing it a stupid way by looking for the specific nodes coordinates and then research them into the taxi graph file. Will try your way with closing taxi link an compile from that. However, I still have lots of trouble with AI taxiing behaviour, I cant get them to stop point their noses left and right everytime (except sometimes maybe on a straight taxi line). Tweaking the 4 options that effect this behaviour is still quite difficult for me Thanks!
  4. Thanks for this, I am currently trying this, even though it can be quite troublesome if there are many node. Do you confirm increasing from 1 to 2 (for example) actually disfavors the said node? There are actually two numbers at the end of each statement (usually 1,0), what does th 0 stand for? Testing the new beta now, and I have to issues: 1) I have a warning message about the fsuipc link, but I cant seem to get any info on this issue in the readme. I just installed the new beta on a networked computer, ASN works great so I guess the link to the server PC is ok. How can I show your program the right way to fsuipc on the server computer? 2)Is there any way you can force a take off runway when we use the force landing runway feature of AIController? Because if due to some winds I force 25L for landing, AI still use fsx 07R for take off, and that is quite conflicting^^ Thanks for your support!
  5. Hi Roland, As always, this looks promising! Do you think it would be possible to add a feature to specify preferred routings for taxing after landing (and later on for take off), as in real life. It could be specified for example in the airport converted file, in a section after the SID or STAR, or in a new text file reserved for taxi routing (I guess the AFX file for he airport would have to be correct regarding taxi names. That would be great for some big airports with one way taxiways and so on. Likewise, it would be great if besids the jet routes file, we could have a file where we can specify which route will be used between two airport (again here there are some one way airways, preferred routes between some airport and so on), as preferred route J M W is not enough in some countries. Just my thoughts. Thanks
  6. Hi Roland, Thanks for this new version 1.4A I am noticing while testing it that it does not take into account anymore the JET or PROP that you can add in front of the STAR or SID names. I have lots of my Jet AIs using SID or STARs for props and it is quie annoying. Hope you can fix that for next version I also have what looks like a new error warning: WAYPOINT HAS EXCEEDED range, but i am not sure whether it is bcause of my first STAR waypoint is too far. It seems that selective STAR still do not work either (I enter specific runway for my STAR, ie 25L, ad some AI still get assign to these STARs even though they do not land on this runway, specifically in this case as runways in use are 07s) Thanks!
  7. Hi Roland and all, Aisidstar was already an excellent enhancement of our aging fsx, this new aicontroler does look promising too! I havnt had the chance to download it and tried it yet, but from what i read on this forum it seems to be a great tool in progress. Does it actually make ai fly actual airways? Where do you get the data from? Still pmdg navigraph? Looking forward to try it on Cheers
  8. Hi Roland, Good news! What triggers these patterns? Coming from a certain anglr. Do you recomlend then to route ai towards a wpt where theu could start this pattern automatically (if realistic) On a recent flight, i noticed some ai on approach freezing to 0kiats on final. I use custom final. Do you see what coukd cause this? Thanks very much!
  9. Hi Roland, I am reverting to you again with my question regarding the AI behaviour after it exits the last point of the star. Here in the new airport I am designing, the VOR approach makes the AI overfly the VOR on terrain 5so they overfly the airport at 4000ft) then descend on a heading before turning right to align with the runway. I am not sure it is doable with the final approach system of the program, so I wrote the approach as a prolongation of the STAR: See on this link the VOR rwy 04. I created two dummy waypoints for the descent to 1500 and the turn to the right to align. The thing is they do align (mos of the times with correct altitude and speed) but then circle a wpt called FS04 in FSX (which seems to be a kind of FAF here), regain some altitude, realign again and then land. It also happens sometimes to aircraft on another STAR coming in as a straight in approach. Do you have any recommendations on how to write that type of approach? (With and without using the final to see the difference. Here I dont see how they could first overfly the FSX algorythm generated IAF before commencing the approach over MCT). Thank you. Best Regards, Renaud
  10. Hi All, Sorry I have not been able to spend too much time on this lately. However, I did test the latest version this afternoon and was pretty impressed. I am not sure if it is because it has been a long time or not bu the latest version seems to work much better that some before. The Ai Separation looked better. I did notice some weird behaviours but not as much as in the previsous versions. The one thing that surprised me at the very begining is that it took a while for the arriving aircraft to show up (using FlightSim Commander), much longer than when tester before some time ago. I also noticed one aircraft reaching the last waypoint of a STAR and go in a holding pattern (no mention of the command in the programm window) while there was no other aircraft in front . I might have missed some thing here I havent started using final approaches again yet, as even with very precise coordinates for waypoints, some behaviors were still erratic. Still, more and more wonderful program! Thank you BR
  11. Hi Roland and everyone, Now.that is.back online, is there any news about the latest version? Ir is it already online in the library? Looking forward to it! Thanks BR
  12. That's a good start too me! I wish I could say the same for FSX Style a mystery for me where this area is and how it is defined
  13. Indeed, I will have to check again for the stored autogen approach. I do have the latest version but not sure to have tried it yet for a long enough time. FlyTweety, for LOWI you may try to position the Iaf if and faf fix for the approach somewhere more appropriate using ADEX. To go back to autogen approach, i still have issues once an autogen approch is recorded and stored. Many AI planes will fly the final towards the airpot flying right and left in wide.turns, doing this again on the airport ground. Am I the only one to have that? Thank youbfor your help Edited for typos du to smartphone typing
  14. I noticed that sometimes autogen approach are saved in the autogen cached.folder in aisidstar folder. Might be a good start fir further.customization. Is it so intended Roland? However it seems that the file gets deleted once the program exits. I couldnt see the file at all times either when running the program. Couldbyou shed some liggt on this? Thank you!
  15. Hi Roland, Sorry i havent been able to revert yet but thank you for the time spent in your replies ever since. I have continued tedting and tweaking your great program and actually started using autogen approach and design my own. Looks promising for now. One issue I had with autogen approach is the Ai plane flying right and left and right and let from glide slope intercept to touchdown. Dont know if it is a bad tweak on my side, will keep testing and look into it. I have some other remarks i would like to share for.future updates as well, will write you an email. For your question about autogen final approach speed, i did think tobhave read somewhere it was for separation purpose. Im in favor of slowing the ai from 160kias on long final to 140 before touch, although customizable speeds depending on aircraft category/type would be more realistic. Thanks for all! BR