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  1. ckpeters

    P3D 4.1

    Hello - I have tried and tried to get my MCP and EFIS working with P3D v4 and PMDG737 to no avail. Ive downloaded the beta VAinterface and read/tried every post out there regarding loading order, admin rights, firewalls and virus sw. I'm getting a green icon when I load vainterface up and sometimes the MCP digits light up. A few times the course selector and nothing else worked. Most of the time nothing on the MCP works. Running Win10, 64 bit.
  2. Made changes to .ini and works perfectly now - thanks
  3. Hello - My MCP arrived yesterday and I followed the VA instructions and it appears to work perfectly in P3dv3 and FSX with PMDG NGX. However - in iFLY737 in both platforms the digits don't illuminate on the new MCP. All the buttons and knobs on the MCP work and change the on-screen display but there are no illuminated digits in any of the MCP displays. Again, it works perfect with PMDG NGX on same system. Thanks for any assistance. CKP