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  1. Ah ok. Thank you Kyle. "A metric ton" sounds good. At least it doesn´t mean we are "gliding cold & dark" when loading a flight XD Well then I should reconsider buying it and don´t have to wait for the Prepar3d Version.
  2. No I think you got me wrong here. Sry for beeing not clear. Not for the next flight. Just for loading a saved flight. Like "I want to take a break and continue the flight later". X-Plane is known for saving flights only rudimentary.
  3. Well, if I save a situation or a flight in X-Plane 10 only the position, the height and the speed will be saved. No panel states. This happened with other aircrafts in x-plane and after I searched several forums the general answer was, that the framework of x-plane doesn´t allow to save complex situations. So my question was, if PMDG has a solution for this^^ I´m afraid of loading a saved flight with the DC-6 12.000 feet over the atlantic and I have to run an inflight checklist for starting up the aircraft oO
  4. Hello Guys, I have a question regarding the upcomming release of the DC-6. I´m a proud owner of the 777 and the 747 and REALLY excited about the DC-6 release BUT I have serious concerns about x-plane, maybe someone is able to answer me this "to buy or not to buy" question. I bought X-Plane and the beaver and put it away after a few hours just because of the non existing feature to save flights properly. The DC-6 is well known for her long flight abilities and I think it would be frustrating to not be able to save flights in a proper state. PMDG always comes up with creative external or internal solutions so how about this one? or with other words: Is this worth a buy for "flight saver"? I do know x-plane is a "better" simulator but I really can´t understand how people want to fly big birds without the ability to save your flight?! Especially for new aircrafts where I want to be able to test several inflight conditions. Best Regards, MightyRic p.s. I hope it´s ok to ask in this thread^^