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  1. jo1984

    cheyenne III

    Bought it this morning. Have it flown only once yet. I am very satisfied. Stunning visuals, very good sounds and have found only one bug yet. Get it! Greetings from cold-weathered Germany, Johannes
  2. A really nice job, well done! Will download them as soon as I get back home. Thank you a lot for your effort!
  3. jo1984

    Alabeo PA-44 Seminole released!

    When I started with simming (FSX), Carenado's C208 an Seneca II were u der the first products I bought. Since then I have bought and enjoyed a considerable amount of their and Alabeo's releases (sometimes I consider the amount as considerably too much, but only sometimes ). No doubt it is true, they have released some products which were more mature than others. But this never made me abandoning one out of my virtual hangar. I am stunned by their effort to put new stuff into their models each time they release one. Just my two cents. What I can absolutely understand is when someone does not like their system depth or considers their prices as too steep. But I also agree with the comments above, especially Kabronicus. Do not buy it if you do not like it. And accept the fact that there a people like me, who enjoy the stuff they made. I consider this forum to be also the place for expressing one's opinion, but do not expect me to stop buying their products because you are not able to enjoy them.
  4. jo1984

    No Amp Reading

    No, it is the same for me (P3d v3.2). I will send them a bug report as soon as I return home. Otherwise than that I have not found any bugs.
  5. jo1984

    F406 Bug/Issue List

    Hello to all, did anyone notice an issue with the "F-ZBAG"-livery (white/red/black with black nose)? I am not able to see the black painted nose form the vc (just plain white). It seemed that one forgot to paint this section. I´am using FSX Acc in DX10 with Steve´s DX10-fixer. I have already contacted Cerenado regarding this issue. They answered that the fix for that was no considered as priority one and they will think about including it in a following patch. Regards, Johannes