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  1. Geiranger

  2. aivlasoft efb , flightsimcommander read your sim scenery and with airac update all is good.
  3. Geiranger

    Default airports on top of addon ones

    Addon scenery at top (visual) in scenery library.(Menu, World,Scenery Library. Or as you said lowest number in scenery.cfg.
  4. Geiranger

    Locked or Unlimited FPS

    Best for me on an 60 monitor is limit to 30 in NI and set 31 in p3d . Standard vsync on 1/2 refresh in NI. No vsync or tripple buffer in p3d
  5. Geiranger

    Checklist order

    Its working fine when using aerosoft build in checklist , that why i wonder if there is some problems with fs2crew and aerosoft a320.
  6. Geiranger

    Checklist order

    Npz. Flaps is assined to the levers on the throttle qaudrant. The problem is that the copilot is setting the takeoff config before his asking for flight controll check and when i perform the flightcontroll check the flaps is returning to zero. Have to manually set the flaps to takeoff config. It`s not a big problem, but i dont think it should perform this way. This work perfectly on the pmdg ngx, but not on the airbus
  7. Geiranger

    Checklist order

    Have a problem with checklist order. Its setting takeoff config ( flaps) but when controlls check comes inn later the flaps is set to zero. Is this normal or is it a problem in the checklist. Flightcontrol should be before the takeoff config is set ?
  8. Geiranger

    flight sim commander not work in p3dv3

    Try this. Copy scenery.cfg from C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3 into P3d main folder. Save as scenerycfg.fsc.