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  1. fleakingofslap

    Guide/Tutorial: Takeoff Performance in the 777

    Dear Machine, thankyou for your tutorial it was very helping for me since i just started learning about (777) performances. But i have a question: why is your first step to calculate the full rated limit weight "backwards" from the to1 takeoff weights table having the ETOW... i would do so: first i calculate the mtow for the runway having runway lenght (with wind adjustment), airport OAT and pressure altitude. Then i look at the to1 takeoff weights table for the corresponding max to1 weight. Then, if my ETOW is lower, i look "backwards" in the takeoff field limit table (from the FPPM) having ETOW, runway lenght and airport pressure altitude for the assumed temperature........ i may be wrong, but i think that if you look backwards at the to1 takeoff weights table you increase the weight you want to fly away instead of lowering it with a derated thrust...... thank you for your answer and sorry for my bad english S
  2. fleakingofslap

    PMDG 777-300ER aircraft template for PFPX

    Hello, i compared the topcat takeoff performances for the 77F with performances calculated from the 773ER FPPM and it seem to have very different results (for example in the takeoff field weights i have about plus 20 tons on topcat). Since i am just learning to use FPPM charts, maybe I am wrong... did anyone try too? (ps sorry for my poor english) S