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  1. p3d V4 graphic issue

    Yes, the source off the problem is identifed. Thank's a lot Rob! Cheers, Joël
  2. p3d V4 graphic issue

    HI Rob, the problem was the GTX780TI. :( I had to buy another one that works fine. Thank you very much to all off you for your help!I dont know how to tag the post as solved... Cheers, Joël
  3. p3d V4 graphic issue

    Hi Rob, you are definatly right, those cards are so expensive, I will try to find a other PC to check, before investing... For now I must focus on my IRME renewals... I will use xplane, my test is on monday. I will let you know if it's really the graphics card or another device on my pc that causes the issue. Thank you again! Cheers, Joël Hi Bob, thank you for your answer! Your card looks great but it's still to expensive for me. I think I will Check a bit deaper, as Rob said I must Check my GTX780 Ti on a other PC. I just want to fly Fslab A320 on P3d V4, in a operational way. For the moment my pc's Displays are Just FHD, without DisplayPort... If any card could give a 30fps with multiple Displays (3) and good p3d textures in the range of 25 nautical milles around a detailled runaway... It would be good for me. Cheers, Joël
  4. p3d V4 graphic issue

    Hi Rob, Hi everybody, First of all, thank's to you all for your help! Unfortunatly, I will have to buy another Graphics card, I tried to plug the GTX780 TI in an other PCIe slot and the issue was present. I have concluded that it's a hardware issue. My Mother Board is an Asus Z87-PLUS, any idea of a good graphics card that could replace my GTX780 Ti?
  5. p3d V4 graphic issue

    Thank's a lot Rob! I have got another PCIe slot. I will follow your process from 1 to 4. I will let you know as soon as I finished. Cheers, Joël
  6. p3d V4 graphic issue

    Hi Mikelab6, thank you. I am afraid that you are right! My GPU seems to have a problem :( my power supply is a corsair AX760, 760Watts. Cheers, Joël
  7. p3d V4 graphic issue

    Hi Hussar, I will try TechPowerUP GPU-Z to find out more. My Prepar3D.cfg is the default one, I am not clever enought to modify it. And I noticed that the issue apears with other DX program like "Heaven benchmark". :( I will be very happy if it's just a configation issue... Thank a lot for your help! Cheers, Joël
  8. p3d V4 graphic issue

    Hi Lodestar, you are right, there is something wrong with the GTX780Ti. I did follow carefully Rob's recommandations and I used the "delete generated files" icon to clean all relevante P3D folders. I'am affraid that I have a hardware issue :( Thank you for your help! Cheers, Joël
  9. p3d V4 graphic issue

    Rob, what is even more interesting is that I have enabled the HD4600 with one monitor as the primary display and I have used the GTX780Ti with two monitors: -When I run P3D in window mode on the HD4600 monitor, except the very bad fps, the issue is not present. -When I drag the P3D window on either monitor of the GTX780Ti, the issue is back. According to what you have said, I have a DX problem. So I have installed "Heaven Benchmark" (DX) from invidia and tried different configuration (versions) of DX. I have noticed that there is a problem, it is less emphasised than P3D, but it seems the same. I hope that is not a hardware issue on the GTX780Ti... thank you for your help! Cheers, Joël
  10. p3d V4 graphic issue

    Dear Rob, after following your procedure, unfortunatenly I still have the issue. Nevertheless, the issue dissapears when activating the onboard GPU and disactivating the invidia GTX 780 TI graphic card. It's strange because I have no issue with other software like X_plane11... I dont know what's going on with my graphic card??? It cost me a arm! Anyway, thank you all for your help! Cheers, Joël
  11. p3d V4 graphic issue

    Hi Rob, thank you very much. I will follow your procedure right now. and report back. Cheers, Joël
  12. p3d V4 graphic issue

    Thank you Poppet. I am trying it right now!
  13. p3d V4 graphic issue

    Hi Anxu00, I have tried by deleting all files! and re-install using the procedure in the p3d manual... What is vanilla install? Thank you for you help! Joël
  14. p3d V4 graphic issue

    Hi Tokitaumelie, I have only updated my graphic card with the latest drivers, I havn't tried to change it. I going to try now with the mother board graphic card. Thank you for your help! Joël
  15. p3d V4 graphic issue

    lodestar, the exact model of my graphic card is: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti, by Gigabyte Joël