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  1. domr

    RC freezing

    Thank you Ray. The problem was exactly that fs9 was not in focus! It's a great program I am starting to enjoy it. I have one final thing that is annoying me. When I close the RC window in FS9 it pops back up again in about 2-3 seconds. Any advice for that? I have seen reference to it for FSX in the forum but not FS9.
  2. domr

    RC freezing

    Thanks for helping Yes sorry the latest download on FSUIPC 3.999z9 MakeRunways 4.675 I didn't modify the button and also checked FS9 to see if there were any conflicts with the button assignement. You mentioned one interesting question "Does FS9 have the focus when you're press the appropriate button?" I was generally clicking on the RC window to bring that into focus rather than the sim thinking that it is no reacting because it was not in focus. So FS9 shoudl be in focus rather than the RC window right? I will give that a test because sometimes RC worked and sometimes it didn't. I hope it is that simple :-) if not I will try with all addons disabled adding one by one to seee if there is a conflict. Thanks
  3. Hi all I bought RC v4.3 in the past week. So far everything is set up correctly I believe. Last night I tried to have my first flight but in the end spent 3 hours painfully trying to get RC to work with limited sucess. The main problem I am having is that RC is not reacting. I was at the gate and requested atis, that worked then when I tuned for my clearance nothing would happen. After many attempts of closing and starting RC I managed to get clearance then the problems returned RC became un responsive and I would wait 3 mins or so before it would react to me. The steps I used were Started Active sky 6.5 opened RC (as administrator) I loaded my flight plan into RC 4 started TrackIR v2 started FS9.1 Set up my flight sleecting my departure airport and airacraft (pss757) The flight loaded at the gate I waited a min or two for all ai and weather Started RC and the window came up in FS9 I was then able to tune to the atis and thereafter the problems continued where RC would become un responsive to any commands. A couple of times it even froze with the , this program is not responding message so I had to kill it with task manager. I tried turning of my AI traffice didn't help. My FS9 set up is.. FS9.1 Fsinn 1.3 AS 6.5 TrackIR2 Latest FSUIPC Latest make runways This runs on a windows 7 32 machine, dual core processor at 3.2ghz with 4gb ram Nvdida graphics with 1gb ram When I cheked the task manager I still had plenty of ram free and the processor only seemed to ever reach about 30% so it didn't seem "clogged up" FS9 was running smooth as normal with no issues or stutters only RC just kept freezing up. One other thing that seemed to help was that I checked the manual and saw that you need to have a couple of config settings in active sky 6.5 configured so RC will work, I did this and it helped a little as I never got the " this program is not responding message". I will have another try this week but if there are any tips/advice it would be appreciated.
  4. Great model and flies great in my opinion. DLC is not simulated unfortunately.