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  1. Thank you both for your valuable input. Ordinarily I would be contacting support for a copy of the beta flows for the SSGG 748 but we are having some good sunny weather here is the UK at the moment and spending more time in the sun. Plus David has given me some ideas for creating some emergency flows using vox script and I can do that in the sun. Thanks again for a fantastic program, Multi Crew Experience. Mike EGGP
  2. Hi, I am reasonably new to MCE and using it with X-plane 10. I have a problem when the copilot thinks I have said something like ...shutdown engine 1...when it is some background noise that has triggered the action. Not good at FL380. I have fans running on my PC so I think the mic is too sensitive. There seems to be some interesting arguments whether to use a digital mic via USB or an anologue mic via 3.5mm plugs for speech recognition other than Windows Speech recognition ie voice operated simulation be it ATC or MCE. The argumentors favour anologue over digital. Any comments... Another item is failure checklists. Is there a chance of MCE having failure checklists for some of the more common failures. It would be interesting to follow an engine shutdown procedure on takeoff. Really enjoy using MCE with the payware I have with X-Plane 10 and hope that the SSG B748 will be available soon. Thank you Mike EGGP