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  1. jsketcham@earthlink.net

    Lancair Legacy Hard to Fly Part 2

    "Low manifold pressure" on a long descent being 17-18". Manifold pressure in the pattern is 11-13". Check out the LOBO training manual, it has great graphics showing speeds and settings at various points in the pattern.
  2. jsketcham@earthlink.net

    Lancair Legacy Hard to Fly Part 2

    LOBO (Legacy Owner and Builders Organization) has a Legacy training manual. It has recommended power settings, speed, altitude et cetera. Working with the simulator I have made many mistakes, shock cooling for one. My conclusion for long descents (like out of the Rockies to the eastern plains) is that high RPM, low manifold pressure, and gradual enrichening with a 1000' FPM descent at 220kts works just fine. Engine temps stay well above 200 degrees. RW? Dunno.