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  1. Interesting, I tried the same thing and got same results running the sim for about 5 min at the gate before shutdown.
  2. Hi Kyle, I'm not sure where the problem is, all I know it happens only with PMDG747 QoS II. Having PMDG 737/777 and Aerosoft Airbuses this issue does not exist. So it leads me to believe that there is something with 747 QoS II that is causing this. As per topic "appcrash kernel32.dll when exiting FSX" it was there every time with initial release and latest build 3.00.8189 (Released 2017-03-13). But before the latest update, I ran with build 3.00.8186 (Released 2017-03-10) for entire week and the problem did not exist. Regards, Michael
  3. Well, I did about 6 flights after the first update last week - no issues on exit. But, another update which I installed today BUILD 3.00.8189 (Released 2017-03-13), the same problem is back. Michael
  4. Looks like it's solved by the new update just released, I tested after the update and no more crash on exit from main menu. PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II - BUILD 3.00.8186 (Released 2017-03-10) Cheers, Michael
  5. I have the same problem in FSX-SE only with PMDG B747 v3, I don't think it's OOM, simconnect must be closing successfully cause my FSUIPC log indicates clean exit: 8295915 System time = 04/03/2017 22:42:44, Simulator time = 20:03:50 (18:03Z) 8295915 *** FSUIPC log file being closed Minimum frame rate was 7.6 fps, Maximum was 739.3 fps Minimum available memory recorded was 1013Mb Average frame rate for running time of 7743 secs = 22.7 fps Maximum AI traffic for session was 132 aircraft Memory managed: 3479 Allocs, 3479 Freed ********* FSUIPC Log file closed *********** And the way I stop the sim is always end flight to main menu and from there exit. Looking at task manager I see memory being released but at around 400MB remaining this error happens - every time.