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  1. palladin82

    My take on voice activated checklists

    It is I should be thanking you Great tool Paul Full respect !!!
  2. palladin82

    My take on voice activated checklists

    Hi Again, If you are experiencing issues during FSX Full Screen just use the option Disable GUI. Without GUI problem does not exists. Best Regards Greg
  3. palladin82

    My take on voice activated checklists

    Hi Guys, Just finished initial flow for PMDG 737 NGX, This is the version I have tested once on a short flight. It looks quite okay - to use is it is good to see the xml file first cause it is almost 260 lines of text and sometimes can be tricky Anyways it comes with full audio - but with my dodgy polish accent :/ To download it please click on "Pobierz" like shown on the picture :/ Password for the archive: 737ngx Let me know what you think Best Regards Greg
  4. palladin82

    My take on voice activated checklists

    Thanks Kevin, I will check how to teach W7 my voice Now I can see even clearly that I should ask someone else to record all wav files - this could stop the heard over issue Best Regards Greg @ ArnoBG I am trying to prepare something related to 737 NGX Checklist (but I think this is more like flow than checklist) I am flying PMDG 737NGX. I can share it with you once I am done Best Regards Greg
  5. palladin82

    My take on voice activated checklists

    Hi again, Finally recorded all wav files to my first checklist and it works almost perfect after adjusting a volume in a proper way. The only small issue I have found is that while I am using FSX in full screen mode when first command is entered (Cabin Checklist) software is causing FSX to minimize to tray and FSX cannot be recovered after - when I am using windowed mode everything works great With cooperation with my freetrack device, triple monitors config and audio activated checklist makes it a real full set for flying Thnx again
  6. palladin82

    My take on voice activated checklists

    Hi Paul, It is really good software Point no 2 was caused by audio from my speakers was captured by the microphone and some specific sound switched the checklists. It is not a issue - it is a feature Already solved Point no 1 was more about the available checklist window (after saying show checklists) - I was asking if the prime names of each checklist in xml file can be changed somehow 0 Like for example - instead of "Cabin Checklist" - I would like to have "Cold and Dark Checklist" But I think it is already implemented into a exe file and cannot be changed. Anyway this is a small issue I can live with it - I just wanted to say again - great product !!!!!! Fit my needs at 100% !!!! Many Thanks again Paul Best Regards Greg
  7. palladin82

    My take on voice activated checklists

    @ Kevin, Looking how the system works from my point of view you can have difficulties with so long reply - its the best to be one word - or set of single words. Best Regards Greg
  8. palladin82

    My take on voice activated checklists

    Hi @ Kevinfirth - I have solved it to additional voice commands for each option <item name="Request IFR clearance" vcommand="Requested,Done"/> <item name="SQUAWK Set" vcommand="Set,Entered,Done"/> <item name="Altimeter set" vcommand="Set,Entered,Done"/> <item name="Autopilot Altitude Set" vcommand="Set,Entered,Done"/> In this way after few checks of the list and propable answers you do not need to say "check" every time I have spend some time on creating a flow / checklist for B737 NGX. I have modified xml file based on A2A C172.checklist but of course list was much more longer than original. I have to say that this kind of software is exactlly what I was looking for !!!!!! I have two questions though : 1. Is there any way to change the names of checklists or it is compiled in exe file. 2. During tests in FSX at some point of my long checklist system is jumping into other checklist - that is why I am asking if there is any limit of commands for one checklist ? Many Thanks for the answers !!! Best Regards Greg
  9. palladin82

    My take on voice activated checklists

    Hi, watched your movie and it looks really interesting, I will try to test it today, Many Thanks Greg