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  1. BjarniP

    No Good Virtual AIrline

    Alright, but first i'm gonna try FSEconomy.
  2. BjarniP

    No Good Virtual AIrline

    Alright thanks. Do you need to make your own flight-plan or can you pick one that is assigned for 1 aircraft?
  3. Hello, my name is Bjarni, and i've been a Flight Simmer since i was a kid. Recently i found out about Virtual Airlines, and i'm looking for a virtual Airline that has ranking, which Means that you start with a Cessna 172, and then Work your way up. Also i'd like a VA with planned routes, so you don't have to make a route yourself. I'd rather have an active VA which has a lot of active pilots. Fictional or real Airline doesn't matter. All i care about is a VA that reaches these minimums, so i can get some Wind under my wings professionally. If you know any VA that reaches my Standars, i'd be very happy if you could give me a link in a comment. -Bjarni.