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  1. YannLFRR

    Engine Failure with failures turned off

    Hello guys, I'm uping this because the same thing just happened to me : I decide at the last moment to change the landing runway so that implied a much shorter track mile so the plane dived at nearly -10 000 ft/min. I pulled the yoke to force disengage the AP but it mist have been too late: I started having caution EICAS message about L+R gens not working anymore. I started the APU then investigated: OIL TEMP on both engine was rising in the amber. It then went to the red. I climbed back while leaving the engines idle to try and cool it but it changed absolutely nothing. Then I noticed oil press was in the amber too. oil qty however remained normal. While turning on final right engine shut down instantly, there it was at 50% N1 and the second after, 0% N1... Then left engine shut down as well. After landing in the countryside (always nice to visit the countryside) I tried to restart them but that was impossible despite APU running. The strange thing in all this is that I have failures turned off !! And in any case that oil temp didn't look realistic at all so I guess it's some kind of bug?? Like the OP, it raised up to 277. I used the LONG TURN panel state and I bought the plane after SP1 was released so I never used it before SP1... The OP said he cancelled the failure in the FMC but I couldn't find that...