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  1. leesanghun

    Load saved flight issue

    Hi. There is a load issue with manually saved scenario. I have installed only P3D V4.1 on my desk top on windows10. Recenly. I saved one flight which one is top of the descent to Lowi from Lirf by main manu p3d. after few days later I reload succesfully saved flight but only once. After that time I cannot reload The saved flight in Scenario window P3D. When I load The saved flight then panel and fmc is blank. There is a something that I missed? Is there problem non- Engllsih windows? I'v set locale English. Thanks. My addon: PMDG737/777 ORBX FTX GLOBAL /VECTOR / HIFI ASV4 & ASCA EVTEX EZDOK Camera V2 SPAD. NEXT FSFX IMMERSION777/737 Ultimate Teaffic Live.
  2. Hi. I'm using non English windows10 also have p3d V4.1. UGCX is support non Windows in a non-Western language? GSX required to change locale to English. Thanks.
  3. Hi. Anyway your mcp is great. Firstly. I know that MCP737-R LOC button function is well done on 777. O nly thing is a light does not turn on when I tried capture the zspd 35R localizer. LOC sine turn on green text on the PFD in sim with 777. Actually there is a no ploblem overrall flight only question is a light doesnot turn on MCP737-R's loc button. Regarding speed display. I did set fmc on the ground at RKSI for flight then I set take off speed through The MCP737-R for takeoff rwy34. Then takeoff and then AP engage with Vnav and Lnav. but speed digit still display on MCP737-R's speed window. I wonder If I mistake? I will send log file soon. Thanks.
  4. Hi. I'v been used MCP737-R with pmdg737. It's perpect. but when I loaded pmdg777-200 mcp's speed digit does not diappear always display. in simulation vnav mode but mcp spd window always display speed digit. my vainterface 2.20.3 How can I resolve this issue. thanks. edit: mcp's vorloc button doesnot ligjting when push the button.
  5. leesanghun

    737 immsersion overrunning problem.

    Hi I,m weird but anyway everthing is ok.
  6. Hi. Yesterday when I entered gate at KMIA default airport with pmdg737ngx. Immsersion effects overrunning jet wash, volumetric light, contrails even thought at gate. when taxing FPS slow down. I have As16, asca, rex essential o/d, redux 3d light. orbx global vecter. I did'nt refly yesterday. Today I,m asking?
  7. leesanghun

    737ngx P8 Poseidon paint kit?

    Thank you for your advice. I was confused about last name and first name and Avism's profile name. This is based on diffrent culture calling and write name between my country and English region. I was checked my full name on PMDG Site. That is written sanghun lee. I think now full naem is right. I will contack PMDG and ask about paint kit. Again Thanks Hamoddy Have a good day! Sincerely
  8. leesanghun

    737ngx P8 Poseidon paint kit?

    yes. I want a paint kit of P8 for my own exterior view. Thanks you for your advice.
  9. leesanghun

    737ngx P8 Poseidon paint kit?

    Firstly. I'm sorry that English is not a my mother langue. Unfortunately. I'v been misunderstood for write fullname. I was thinking that is ok once checked in my profile. I couldn't see signature field that was my mistake. at now I understand that I have to write in my signature field. is it ok? my full is written at bottom of post. Sincerely. leesanghun
  10. leesanghun

    737ngx P8 Poseidon paint kit?

    Thanks Pmdg for P8 Poseidon. I wanna repant P8 but I guess that I'v not seen P8's paint kit on PMDG Homepage? or is there any compatible one? If isn't do you have any plan to release P8's paint kit? Sincerely.
  11. leesanghun

    If you are having trouble with FSX:SE install:

    Hi. after insatlled PMDG777-200 into both fsx and fsx:se successfully and running good. and then few days later I was failed install PMDG777-300 into both fsx and fsx:se. I sent ticket to PMDG. anyway meantime I have been problem when I entered fsx and then choose pmdg777-200 in free flight window It asked to me validation so I entered My pmdg Lincence Key. Is it no problem?
  12. Why not appear edit button. Above post resolved just my mistake. I'm sorry. I did not checked show all variants button.
  13. I'v been installed FSX and then yesterday installed FSX:SE. PMDG777-200 installed into both FSX platform using PMDG installers (downloaded yesterday at pmdg home) Working in fsx:se perfectly. thanks a lot Rsrandazzo. but some problem in FSX:SE I'v downloded liveries using operation center I can see liveries icon within but when enter the free flight window in FSX:SE liveries does not appear only can see PMDG liveries this is my FSX:SE location G:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX
  14. leesanghun

    [13JAN15] Updated - FSX:SE Compatibility Update

    Great Job! I respect you and PMDG.
  15. leesanghun

    fs2crew works only pmdg livery.

    Hi byork. Thanks a lot for your advise. Now everything is ok. Have a good day!