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  1. I've also installed QW146 with Migration tool and fsx installer. Got no problem. When i need to use dispatcher , just activated the migration tool again and got no problem as well.
  2. Hi all, Facing the same problem! I've been using P3D v3 for a month and i can't say that i'm really satisfied with performance i get from my system. I have Lenovo Y510P Laptop which has i747000 MQ CPU 2.40 GHZ , 16 GB Ram and 2*Nvidia GT755 M GPU (SLI). Well , I know high performance shouldn't be expected from Laptops but i have to run my system with laptop because due to my business i travel a lot and i believe that i have the affordable nice performance laptop but performance from P3D not satisfactory. Especially with FPS drops to 4-5 from 25s on like in every 20-25 seconds . I always fly on Vatsim and that makes me have hard landings and sometime crashes. My old system was like something with I5 and Ati Video card (4-5 years old notebook) and i can say that performance was better with almost same addons in FSX. That's why i believe i'm doing something wrong or something is wrongly set. My expectations is not like a huge frames with all addons in HD textures. I just want to fly normally online with Payware Airports and Aerosoft/PMDG aircrafts in normal textures. (I don't know if i'm asking much but i believe it shouldn't be =) ) Addons I use generally , Aerosoft A320 or PMDG 777 UK2000 or AS Sceneries FSRealWX vPilot with no AI Traffic addon I did this Fiber Frame and Affinity Mask tweak to cfg file but nothing changed significantly. And also did what Bjorn said and that didn't work ?