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  1. Hi, All I want is to use the mouse curser on the GTN 750 touch screen in VR. (Like with FlyInside) Without the hidden Rift touch controller overlay getting in the way. It works fine when not in VR. I only fly in VR so I no longer use the GTN 750 in the newest X Plane 11, I hope this somehow gets worked out.
  2. I just bought the Carenado Citation II 550 recently and have the same exact issues your having with the GTN 750 both in Flyinside (Working but Dark PFD) and (Non clickable screen) in native VR . I can't believe that only you and I are having this issue and that it hasn't been addressed here or anywhere that I can find. I'm asking everyone out there. Has anyone else had this problem? And is there a fix for it?
  3. When I start the Xplane Carenado S550 Citation. The EFIS displays remain blacked out. I have tried ever switch, Power,GEN,INV 1 and 2,AC,Aviation switch,Panel lights. Nothing works. I also don't have digital readout on the COM and NAV radios. I've watch Utube videos of the startup and they seem to come right on. Any Idea what might be wrong? Thanks for listening. Joe
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