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  1. Hello, does anybody knows how to deactivate these popup tips when you point on any switch or button in the cockpit (airbus). My basic-settings are everythere: Reallistic, no help and s.o. But no chance. Every time I want to switch something a popup -box appears what kind of switch it is. That´s not very realistic for me. Thanks for help Peter .
  2. Hello, no, last months no online flying. Other PMDG´s are working well (737,747,777) - no problem with the adustment of the radios. Only my MD-11... Peter
  3. Hello, Please I need your help: Since some days the radios vhf1 and vhf2 of my loved MD-11 don´t work correctly. I cannot enter the frequency using the inner knob. It shows f.expl. 123,000 but I cannot enter 123,125 or 123,500. Strangeley wise vhf 3 works well. I tried already a new instalation - but no success. Thank´s for your help Peter
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