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  1. Well, however it worked it worked. It is possible that the times when I did use an installer it was something other than Adobe AIR installer and that might have come in with another program that had to be installed. I don't know and it really doesn't matter right now. The next challenge for me is getting the gauges I need to make the B-52 work. It looks like they didn't come in with the download, or they are misidentified somewhere. Not a problem. I will find it. I suspect the difficulty is that the later versions of Windows I have used with FS9 have thrown some curve balls at me. My earliest downloaded aircraft were done in W98 and I am still running some of them. I made the progression through W2000 and WXP to W7 and my computer was modified to run W10. At any rate I am grateful to all whose suggestions helped me to better understand what is going on. I muddy the water by doing a lot of downloaded aircraft and I don't remember everything about how they were put in the system, but most work pretty well. I don't use the ones that don't. If anyone has successfully downloaded the ALPHA B-52G and B-52H and gotten it to run with gauges, I would appreciate anything you can tell me about locating the gauge files. Normally these come in with a download, but I haven't found them yet, or at least the ones I found don't match the panel.cfg list. It is not a huge issue--I will find a way to make it work. I have tackled this one before. It's just time-consuming. Again, I do appreciate all who advised me on this. Warren
  2. Well, it worked!! All I had to do was uninstall Adobe AIR Installer and I did change the file to a compiler, but I don't think that made a difference. The B-52 will load. I will need to set up the gauges, but I've done that before, and it is just time-consuming, not that hard. I really do appreciate the help and advice. I had actually been able to use the Adobe AIR utility to install several aircraft, but there must have been a compatibility issue. Anyway, you were right. I was wrong. I know I learned something. I hope this dialogue might have been instructive for anyone else having this problem. I may be upgrading to a new computer one of these days, as mine is beginning to show its age. I had a friend do some software cleanup and he upgraded the machine to Windows 10 from Windows 7. Fortunately I do have time to shop around. Meantime, it works. Thanks, again. Warren
  3. Mike, the copying works. It goes down just like it would if it were not zipped. Problem is that it won't open in FS9. And these are FS9 applications. I have done editing on the .cfg files in the past--especially with repaints of existing aircraft. I have also created a couple of panels for aircraft I downloaded that didn't have what I considered to be good panels. No virtual cockpits yet--I'm not that smart or that brave. I have had aircraft open that didn't have gauges on the panels, and I have found a way to put the gauges there. So I do have a little bit of knowledge of some parts of this process. I seem to recall in the past (when I had older computers than my current one) that I had some installer files that were .exe, and I don't recall how those worked. AirED does open the .air file, but that's all it has done for me. There appears to be something missing, but I haven't a clue what it is or where to find it. Now, this isn't critical. I would really like to have the B-52 running in my simulator, but I can live without it. I have plenty of aircraft I have a lot of fun with as it is. BUT... ...I don't like a machine to beat me. Or a gremlin. Warren
  4. Okay. I know about .zip files. I've been unzipping them for a good while, too. When you unzip this one (and many others I have successfully installed) you will get an .air file which is usually in the aircraft folder for the aircraft. Up until now I have been able to use these to install the aircraft. Usually this has happened without any reference to Adobe AIR Installer files. It just happened. This process is also usually called for in the "readme" files. I will try A32xx's suggestion on the .zip files, but I still think it's a compatibility issue with Adobe. I have tried several times to simply place the files in the appropriate FS9 folder, without avail thus far. But I will give this a shot and report if it works. Thanks for all suggestions. I think it's possible this may be a gremlin somewhere in my operating system, and I am not the only person to have experienced this installation issue. It has happened in a number of other applications that have had to be installed. If it is a compatibility issue, maybe Adobe will come up with a fix that works. I do appreciate everyone's suggestions. I have also tried most if not all suggestions, including uninstalling Adobe Air. Fortunately I can live without this particular aircraft and I have plenty of downloaded aircraft or paint schemes already in my FS9 system. I assure you that if any of the suggested fixes had worked for me I would have said so and then quietly returned to my corner of the hangar. Warren
  5. I have actually downloaded two B-52 simulations, one from Flyaway Simulations, called BOEING B-52 FULL PACKAGE. The other, I believe, is from Virtavia. I have had successful downloads from Virtavia before but this is my first experience with Flyaway Simulations. Both of these use the .air files for installation of the simulation. The BOEING B-52 FULL PACKAGE includes the D, G and H models, the other is only the G and H. I have tested the files on aircraft I have already installed and used and the same error message pops up. I suspect it is a compatibility problem between the downloaded aircraft files and the Adobe Installer file, but I don't know how to fix it.
  6. The particular aircraft I am trying to install is a B-52. The downloaded file looks good, but it does include the .air file which is labeled as such. I have not been able to load the aircraft as of yet. I have been able to adjust the .cfg files to do modifications or add paint schemes or liveries without any problems. A number of my past downloads have included the .air files, and usually I have clicked on these to install the aircraft. However, this is no longer working. I suspect it is a compatibility issue with the adobe installer utility and the .air files, but I have not been able to find it. To be fair, this issue has come up with other programs that use installers. My most recent download that had to be installed was the Virtavia B-47E, which works beautifully, and it had to be installed. However, that particular .air file would not work if I were trying to do it now. Thus far I have not been able to work this out. I am going to try deleting the files and downloading again and see if I can find another way to get them to run. I may try to do it on my laptop, since it probably doesn't have the adobe updates that I think are causing the problem. I don't know if it will work, but I think it's worth a try. I will certainly post the results whether it works or not. Anyway, I am grateful for all the responses. They have helped me to know more about how this monster is supposed to work. I will continue to try to find a way to fix this because I am too stubborn to quit. Thanks again. I am not giving up. Warren
  7. Okay, I've gotten AirEd, but when I use it to try to install the aircraft all it does is open the .air file and show the contents without taking any action. In response to some of the other answers, I have placed the aircraft folder in my FS9 "aircraft" folder, but it still doesn't load. How can I get the .air file to load? So far I have not been able to get it to work. Incidentally, my existing aircraft all work just as they did before. Also, for those who say we don't have to install aircraft, up until recently just about every aircraft I have acquired has had to be installed in order to work. Apparently the Adobe program has been compatible with these files until recently. It doesn't jump out and say so, but that's the way it has worked. I have installed the B-29, B-47 and several other aircraft using this utility. I am stuck now, though. Thanks for replies so far. We still haven't hit the target, but I know more. Warren
  8. Okay, I am absolutely stumped on this one. I have been downloading and installing new aircraft almost as long as I have been doing flight sims, and have had few problems and none that couldn't be resolved, until now. They have worked through last year, but my first attempts to download new aircraft this year failed because of a failure of the .air files to install. I get an error message saying the installer is broken and I should download a new one from the source. The source is Adobe and the installer is the Adobe .AIR Installer. I have downloaded, unzipped and loaded this program and still cannot get new aircraft to install and still get the same message. I considered the possibility that the installer might need to be installed, and I think I did that, but still no relief in view. I am running Windows 10 and have been with FS9 since my Windows 98 days, many moons and border crossings ago. I am fairly computer savvy, but this one has got me buffaloed. If anyone has encountered and resolved this problem I need your advice and counsel. Step by step. If I need to update the installer file, how do I get it to work? I have researched this baby like crazy with no solution yet. Thanks in advance. Happy landings!! (By the way all installed aircraft still work just fine.) Warren
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