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  1. @Lurk Thanks man, yeah i will definitely try that out, cheers. @Vic The resolution is 3840x1080 graphics drivers all up to date
  2. Just re-installed and it was good until I changed to Widescreen and when I go back to the 1 screen it stuffs up still. It must change some config file permanently or something?
  3. Hey Vic, I just tried un-plugging the second monitor and the problem is still there. I went into the fsx.cfg and changed widescreen_mode=True to widescreen_mode=False but still no luck. I tried getting the windows up by using the menu but it still was unsuccessful.
  4. Hey guys, 1. So I have recently set up my FSX with 2 monitors using AMD EyeInfinity software and it has been working perfectly, until when I need to access either the GPS or the switches that show when you click shift 1-9. When I try and bring them up they show an out line of a box that they are there but the panel is invisible. I can interact with it when I move the cursor over it but I can't see anything on the panel? I have looked for many threads to see if anyone else had this issue but I can't find any. I have tried tweaking the panel.cfg file with changing the size, location and visibility but still no luck. If anybody could help, it will be greatly appreciated! 2. When I do any free flight and go to interact with the plane, everything seems to be in slow-mo. ie. When I fly the C172 it feels like I am flying a B747 with the movements being slow and the speeds ascending slowly. I have the simulation rate on normal so that isn't the issue. If anyone has any ideas, be sure to let me know. Cheers, Jake