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    Where is P3DV2.3 better than FSX Dx 10

    Could't agree more Rob. The thing that I want to point out is that even if you see problems with P3D, you are talking about a platform that is being actively worked on. There is a group of software engineers/developers being paid to make it better, faster, stabler and did I mention better. FSX has a tons of add ons and can me made to look great, but the legacy code is stuck in it's tracks. I started with flight simulator in 1986 on Atari and have embraced every new version, I see no reason to stop with FSX. Good times! Jon
  2. Thanks, I was aware of that. I'm hopeful that the new 880 gtx will have HDMI 2.0 support and are right around the corner coming out in October, pretty sure i'm going for those. In any case, at least as far as P3D2 goes, the 30hz are just fine and I have had the habit of having the framerate set on 30 which is all I need anyway. I actually did some experimenting on my friends sony x850B(49"UHD) and they agree with what you found have found; photoshop and a host of other 2d applications are not affected by it, but the setup is non optimal for fast paced games. That really doesn't concern me but next-gen GPU's probable inclusion of HDMI 2.0 should resolve that. Regards Jon edit for missing word
  3. hehe, you know what, I'd love to place the two together just for fun, see the difference 3 decades can do and spend and evening trying to envision how it will look like in 2044. Maybe they'll be flying passenger drones from the ground by then...sigh
  4. Rob, Thanks for the pictures of your setup. I'm just about to pull the trigger on a samsung 55" UHD with a curved display for my computer (especially for my P3D2 adventures . The setup looks reassuringly good, I'll try to return the favor with pics once it's setup. I have been simming since 86 when flight simulator came out for my Atari 800. Boy have things come a long way. regards Jon

    Patch getting close

    Even PMDG has to release a patch to their 777. I genuinely believe them when they say they make their absolute best effort to release a bug free product. The thing is, when software reaches a certain level of complexity it is not necessarily that customers are being "victimized" by lazy software developers as much as the complexity becomes so much that it becomes difficult to find every single bug and potential software problem with a finite resource of testers and developers. Of course it can happen, some developers intentionally release a knowingly incomplete product but I don´t think it´s a s simple as you say. I for one have not had any troubles with P3Dv2 at all, so the "bug filled" release would have passed muster on my specific computer and my specific setup. No amount of dislikes, disagreements or comments to the contrary can erase the fact that I have had a trouble free use of P3Dv2. Kind regards JS