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  1. Hi Dave, Thanks for your help. After some tests I've figure out that XPUIPC was not the culprit. Yesterday I manage to do two complete flight without any problem. I still have to do some additional tests to determine who is the real culprit. I am doing it adding plugins one by one. Anyway, you are free of any responsability 😉 Best Tomás
  2. Well I discovered that plugin in the config window, I havent had to use it until now with Traffic Global. However Xplane still crashes because of XPUIPC (at least this seems to be the cause).
  3. What's that plugin? I am trying to use Pilot2ATC with Traffic Global and as soon as I set TCAS on in TG, Xplane crashes. Has anyone manage to use them together ?
  4. It is clear that after almost a year since purchasing the command they have no intention of keeping their compromise. Finally I had no alternative but to do the repair on my own. It is very unfortunate that a company that could sweep the market work so disastrously with the after-sales service.
  5. Good morning, I ordered a Cessna's yoke in November 2016, telling me Darryl that it would be ready before Christmas. I paid for it and in December I received an email that the yoke was ready to be sent. Then I said to myself: "Wow, It is clear that these people work fast despite the criticism of previous years." However when I answered them their email indicating that I was very happy about their speed and good service, almost immediately, Darryl replied that there was an error and that mine was not ready and that I had to wait a few more weeks. This same was repeated another two or three times more: I received an email indicating that the yoke was ready for shipment but then they apologized again saying that it was not my turn yet and in another couple of weeks I would receive it. Well, I tried to be patient, because the situation started to be more than annoying to me (I had paid but I was still waiting). If it is true that when I sent any email, I always got answers within 48 hours máximum. After many emails, trying to space them so as not to seem too insistent, on March 27, 2017 I received the yoke. Its appearance was maginific, perfectly packed and protected, and constructed entirely in metal. I unpack it carefully I even made a video about the unboxing process to upload it to the network (there are none to date). I quickly headed to my computer and plugged in and set the yoke to be tested. The first thing that left me perplexed was, in a yoke of that price, the lack of any type of documentation or manuals. The central unit is served separately from the handle but although it is not difficult its connection, it would be useful some kind of document describing what is bought and how to make use of it. Besides no USB cable is provided for its connection (something ridiculous considering the low price of a cable of these). But the biggest surprise was when I saw that only one button on the handle was working. I checked the connection between the handle and the central unit and, for my surprise, I found out that the ribbon cable were cut almost completely just inside the shaft (WHAT ??? !!). I did not believe what I was seeing. The parcel arrived perfectly packed and protected, without any kind of shock or damage that could indicate a problem in the transport. Immediately I send a message to Darryl and Ali, telling them that it was impossible to receive the cable cutted and the package without any damage. I recognize that the expression that I used to open the email was not very appropiate, although in Spanish is more colloquial in English does not sound very correct. However, once cleared the language barrier, Ali agreed to send me a new cable to replace the one that was damaged. A few days later I received the new ribbon cable and some connection pins to rewire the unit again. However the task was very complex and the unit had to be almost completely dismantled. I again sent an email to Ali explaining that it did not seem logical that the customer had to do that reparation because it required tools and skills I didn't have. Finally they agreed to send a new unit to me as soon as they would have ready the next batch of orders and, in the same shipment I would return the damaged unit. In addition, as a gesture of goodwill from their side, Ali indicated that they would also send me a new handle in compensation for the inconvenience and delays. I congratulated them on that decision, considering that it was more than fair. Well, so far so perfect, but the weeks passed and I sent them another email to request information on the status of the response. The answer left me totally puzzled because they were saying that they didn't time to read my email and I was delaying the production. I can't understand this. I have been waiting for months, receiving a broken unit and besides that I have to be more patient?? So far I have not received any mail (nor unit) about the status of the resolution of my problem and the last email was exchanged on May 31. I have serious doubts that they will repair anything.
  6. That was exactly what I suspected: the mobile voices are not accesible for desktop apps. It's a pity. It was a good and free alternative to have a voice per dependence. Thanks Dave for that clarification Regards Tomás
  7. Yes, of course. I did it a couple of times but nothing. The voices are available in the Control Panel and Windows 10 but not in P2A. The only voices in P2A are the ones previouly installed.
  8. I have installed different Windows 10 voices but any of them are available in the Config->Voices option. I can only see the ones I had previously installed.
  9. I am also considering the ACE desktop yoke but I don't find too much information.
  10. Hello Dave, On the one hand, I would like to have the tutorials you used to have the Pilot2ATC webpage. I can't see them anymore. Could you upload them again, please? On the other hand, I miss in the version 2 the option for printing the different sentences that you can use to interact with the ATCs. I those sentences would be organice in the order that you have to use them (deliverance, ground, tower, approach/departure, ...) , that would be fantastic. regards
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