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  1. mauriziogiovinazzo

    CTD on Flight Load - PMDG 777

    Hi Mike, thanks. option 1 does not apply for me. option 3 I tried but did not solve the issue. Always CTD on loading the plane Option 2 interestingly, I noticed that deleting the file arpt_rwy from the navdata folder in PMDG before starting a flight allows me to load the T7 successfully. problem is, at next startup, CDT appears again. so it looks this file conflicts with something and needs be deleted Always before a flight. there must be something wrong somwhere. I tried to uninstall and reinstall PMDG again, but no success there, same CTD. it's not dramatc to having to delete a file verytime, but bit annoying really..... any other leads? maurizio
  2. mauriziogiovinazzo

    CTD on Flight Load - PMDG 777

    one question, that action of deleting the two files to avoid a crashdown, is it something to be repeated everytime the T7 is to be loaded or a once action only? because I have the same problem, and after each flight, if I want to reload the plane, I need again to delete those files or a CTD will occur. a friend of mine who also owns the PMDG777 doesn't have this. what does it depend on then? maurizio
  3. mauriziogiovinazzo

    FSX crash on loading PMDG T7

    Hello, I am having a recurring problem of FSX crashing down after loading the T7 of PMDG. After starting FSX with a default plane at default airport, I select and load my T7 at desired airport (no saved panel) and once aircraft is loaded on runway, after 1s it crashes. I read about a CTD fix, saying to delete de runways.csv file and arpt_rwy.dat file, good that solved it for once, but every next startup the problem returns. Seems I have to delete these two files every time I want to load and fly the T7. Is there another solution for this issue? Is it a bug to be fixed still or have I missed something? I own the T7 since very short. Hopefully someone can help, thanks Maurizio