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  1. richard1965

    Voxatc with Prepar3D v2

    I installed PROATC X with the Estonian migration tool and it has worked fine. The only problem I have found is that I get no reaction for it when I fly the Carenado B1900D, I.e, when I change the comms radion, PRO ATC X does not see this
  2. richard1965

    Red X on PFD of NGX

    I am having the same problem, but only in P3D V2, in FSX it was not seen. I have only p3D on my system now I have done a complete reinstall after cleaning all traces of the PMDG 737 a couple of times and the problem still persists. Guess will have to wait for the PMDG 737 for P3D V2 to come out!