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  1. Yes, all we can do by now is hope that no one will get caught by these retards. People with common sense will do a little research before blowing out 300+ USD into nowhere. Hopefully... on the side of taking action, I must admit that I have to resign on this one. Sadly. But as said before, I am afraid that they will never stop. They will hop from provider to provider and keep going. Honestly, I am really fed up with this. I will try to ignore it and continue with working on our "original" Airbus. I just hope... and I REALLY DO hope no one will accuse us of beeing involved in this s*** because GS is using our images. I know, people can be very creative when it comes to rumours and I have already read some concerning this issue - saying that they cooperate with us, sharing the money. Thats truly one of the most disgusting things I have ever read. Its a shame. I will write the full story for Avsim's Wall Of Shame soon - and then I really hope it doesn't get worse than it already is. Thanks for all your support! Oli
  2. Hey there Just wanted to show you guys the A380 simulator in FTD style that I was building. I use it as test platform for our NLS A380 aircraft which is still under development. Therefore, I use 5 screens to display the panels and displays of the flight deck. Apart from the Airbus Sidestick and the Throttles there is no direct hardware interface. Everything is controlled through a trackball. The onboard information system (OIS) runs through a seperate computer just like in the real aircraft. I use 2 machines (1 for the actual aircraft simulation with 3 graphics cards for 5 monitor output and 1 machine for the 180 degree visual system which consists of a Matrox Dual Head 2 Go, 2 projectors and the flight elise immersive display software). It may not be pretty but it fulfils its purpose Hope you like it! And here is a video of the Sim in action
  3. Thanks guys, Well, even if there are iranian Avsim members who are willing to help - what could be done? Notify their provider again? And what then? They really seem to be hardcore... and move on to the next provider. Its a never ending story. I really makes me angry to see how shameless and selfish some people are. Most other people would say "okay, you got me... we got caught. scew this..." but they keep on doing it - beeing aware that the ones they stole from KNOW of it. Its like a punch in the face.
  4. Thanks for all your comments and suggestions. As the site is online again, I have contacted the provider again but they say that they have finally moved to a different provider. Their new IP is Seriously, its too time and energy consuming to run after them every time they change the provider. They will never stop...... :(
  5. Unbelievable... they got their site back up again (somehow??? I need to investigate...) selling it now for 339,00 USD ... holy *******. This is just hilarious.
  6. last attempt of the provider to shut it down... lets see how long it will last.
  7. Sorry but I am really getting to an end of opportunities here. What shall we do on this??? Right now, I am afraid that there is no other way than accept this. I simply cannot run after them hunting them down every time they switch the webhost... its so frustrating and energy consuming. Also, sueing someone located in Iran here from Germany is nearly impossible. Who knows what kind of copyright laws they have over there in Iran?? Or if they even exist for internet copyright abuse?? Really... I don't know what to do anymore.
  8. DAMN... the site is up again... with a different provider :( thats really frustrating
  9. Well, I must say facebook reacted pretty quickly with my request to take down the copyrighted materials that Genuine Simulation posted there earlier. Not sure if you guys know that GS had a large number of NLS screenshots on their FB page. From the time I reported it until FB forced them to remove all images took around 1,5 days. So I was quite happy with that. After they had removed all images, GS put them up again on their website along with many more. Thats where it started to get difficult because I could no longer complain at Facebook as it was out of their reach. Now its a different story... the FB page itself remains there - without stolen images so I guess its harder to proof that they are a fake company trying to promote a fake product. But since there is no copyright abuse involved any more, I guess FB simply doesn't care too much...
  10. I wonder why GS is still bothering to remove comments from their facebook page their game is over... so who would care?! I wonder if they will make any statement on their facebook page... like technical problems with our website LOL let's hope it won't turn up somewhere else... with a different provider. They really seem to have a hard shell. Removing our existing sceenshots from our facebook page or replacing them with watermarked ones wouldn't help I guess... they should still have the old and clean ones on their hard drive. Its really a shame that its neccessary to put a watermark on every single picture we want to post.... not only the screenshots but all pictures. Its a shame... :( well, but thanks for all of your support! Keep your eyes open and lets hope they won't be online somewhere else in the future... Oli Edit: Although I must admit that personally, I am juuust a little bit disappointed that PMDG didn't even answer me, when I notified them about the copied text from their website and asking for help to take down the site. it's okay, I don't care as it worked out well anyway in the end, but after all, we are all members of the community and in this case - developers with common interests to take down the site... so no need for competetitive thoughts whatsoever just my 2 cents.
  11. Thanks for posting that up on the main page, Tom! I will make the report as soon as I am through with all this... Thanks a lot for the support so far!
  12. for those who haven't noticed it yet... on the "about us" page, GS copied PMDGs about us text 1:1... shameless! Just exchanging PMDG with Genuine Simulations... http://www.genuinesimulation.com/ABOUT%20US.htm It sounds really funny if you read it like that:
  13. Update: the physical server is located in Germany, however, the webspace was sold through a reseller abroad. Genuine Simulation now has 24 hours to respond and to legitimate what they are doing - otherwise, the provider will delete their website. I am so happy to see that something positive is going on now...
  14. Hey guys! I have a first success in this story! I have contacted the website hoster of GS tracked by the IP of the website, which is located here in Germany They seemed to host the webspace of Genuine Simulation. They have confirmed that this is true und that they are the host for the material. They have requested me to send a detailed copyright abuse report and they will see what they can do and shut down the website if its legit PLUS take legal action against the webspace contractor for putting up copyrighted materials on their webserver. YES!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  15. Look at all the "awards" it won... even from AVSIM... LOL this is just hilarious they have updated it on their site http://www.genuinesimulation.com/ Edit: I will make a report for the wall of shame and submit it to you, Tom - is that ok? Thanks again for the support, guys! It looks like the webspace provider is located here in Germany (Hetzner AG) and I will try to contact them tomorrow. I already have reports from people who actually tried to purchase the fake A380 - they submitted their CC details via email but got no download link back (oh, surprise?). Hope this will end soon...
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