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  1. I guess I was. Got used to such a comfortable setup. Thank you Paul, Marcin Stawny
  2. I wasn't aware of that, apologies. Since when does this work this way? I've been using such setup with success in prepar3d v2.4, then switched to v3.4, and surprise... Regards, Marcin
  3. Hi all, I've been sent here from Prepar3d forum topic url: http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&p=143613#p143613 In short: if saved PMDG flight is set as default, then Prepar3d v3.4 does not run properly - either you get black screen or app dissapears. It is still visible in process explorer with about 2% CPU utilisation, 0% GPU, about 800MB vas, but you cannot bring the process into front as there is no windows available. In that case, deleting 'situation' line in prepar3d.cfg and restarting p3d solves the problem. Can you suggest how to solve or do further problem diagnostics? My specs: Windows 7 ultimate 64bit i7 4770k @4.6 watercooled GTX 780TI with latest drivers 16GB RAM Prepar3d on a separate raid0 ssd array Addons: Pilot's 2010 FTX mesh Orbx Global, Vector, LC EU, LC NA, Norway, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Norhern Ireland, ESSA Aerosoft Oslo 2.0, Zurich 2.0 PMDG (installer downloaded today, all simconnects installed from p3d redist) ASNext beta for p3d 3.4 Rex textures with soft clouds FSUIPC latest, registered GSX latest Precipit FX, 737 immersion pack EZDOK and F1 GTN750 Thanks, Marcin Stawny
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