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  1. Hello, I am using FSX together with Simconnect. For the Beech Baron 58 I try to set the airspeed calibration bug by the events: - TRUE_AIRSPEED_CAL_INC - TRUE_AIRSPEED_CAL_DEC - TRUE_AIRSPEED_CAL_SET However, none of them works. Does anyone have an idea why or has experienced the same behaviour ? Thanks for your support Manfred
  2. MaLaFSX

    FSX ATC Window readout by Software

    Hello Pete, happy to hear from you, that this project is still on your "ToDo" list, and don't give up, it's never too late !! Obviously, there are solutions, but not as open source code. Many thanks for your answer. Manfred Hi Gerald, as read from your post, I am not convinced, that your solution is that what I am looking for, I only need the ATC window text repeatedly updated in a C++ string, not more and not less. While completing my FS, I wil surely come back to your product to improve the FS. Many thanks for your support Manfred
  3. MaLaFSX

    FSX ATC Window readout by Software

    Many thank for your quick response !! No, it's a private project and I need the ATC string(s) to be displayed into a separate TFT display, where i finally can selected the suggested options, either by voice or key press. I already implemented the complete avioncs system (COM/NAV-1/2, ADF, DME, Transponder, Autopilot, Voice) as physical devices, which are build up by several micro-controllers and associated gauges, continuously communicating with FSX. The other devices are already under way (HSI, Altimeter, etc.) and will complete the "Six-Pack". The entire system will be installed in a 6-DOF platform for pilot and co-pilot, which is straight forward to build. The only mess is the ATC window. Why has Bill not supplied a simple user interface to this foolish window ??? If you can supply a DLL to access this ATC window, I will of course pay for this !! Waiting for your post.
  4. MaLaFSX

    FSX ATC Window readout by Software

    Hi Gerald, many thanks for your detailed info on this issue. Indeed, your hints on applying the MS Speech utilities sound very interesting, but I do not intend to work for years on this problem (as you) and I am also not in favour to screen the FSX.exe source code for links to specific DLLs. Before I install your Demo SW package (already downloaded) I would like to know the following: - does this SW package allow me to read out the ATC window text to further evaluated in my own SW, e.g. in a C string to be further processed ? - if yes, which SW package do I need: MCE Ultimate Edition, Multi Crew X-Plane or MCE Lite Edition ? I would be happy to receive your answer. Manfred
  5. Hi, I already tried all searches, but did not find any information on how to read out the text of the ATC window. I use FSX with the SimConnect library, but cannot find any way to access this ATC window text by software. Does anyone have an idea on this ? Manfred