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  1. That's what i do.. my Ticket: #TON-243-80752 :(
  2. Recently, i purchase the ASN License key from PC Aviator.. everywhing ok, in the second window, where i select "ASX" i think it mean "Active Sky for FSX"... and, i put my license, i got a window "VERIFICATION ERROR" ....... what can i do? :/
  3. Hi everyone! Today 20th/April, i have a biggest problem.. I Use OpenClouds for weather, and i got 13 days remaining, when the program its opening, i got a message who tells: "THE SERVER COMMITED A PROTOCOL VIOLATION. SECTION=RESPONSE HEADER DETAIL=CR MUST BE FOLLOWED BY LF". after that: "SYSTEM.INDEXOUTOFRANGEEXCEPTION: INDEX WAS OUTSIDE THE BOUNDS OF THE ARRAY. AT O.E()" What is that??? in my 12Months of service, i'll never notice this message... :/ Today was a normal day in Monterrey MX and......... what i can do for this issue? Sorry my bad english... thanks
  4. Gera320

    3D Redux Lights high bright.. help!

    I did, and still appear even such lights. I forgot to mention that this is a 50N VC merge Wilco :unsure: So I found it strange that in the Wilco work well
  5. Gera320

    3D Redux Lights high bright.. help!

    No sir, I have only the REX 4 .. I realize that only 50N does that effect on the track, I tried the Wilco 737, the runaway looks normal! :wacko:
  6. Gera320

    3D Redux Lights high bright.. help!

    I also remember seeing them but am using REX4 and saw options for types of landing lights, only for airports, the strange thing is that, in testing the REDUX B737 default, the texture looks normal, not like the previous B733, which also noticed is when, upon turning on the landing lights, regular lights, but 3 seconds after the light is plugged. I'm thinking that the lights which can cause this defect are the 2 lights that are on the sides of the flaps of the B733 ((B737 Default with Redux)) ((B733 After 1 second to turn on the Landing Lights)) ((2 lights in the sides of the flaps))
  7. Hi all! i'm new on AVSIM,I recently purchased the 3D Lights Redux, I tried testing it first in the 50N B737-300 but I encounter a slight problem .. I can´t see the runway or taxiway by the bright lights! anyone know how to fix that? here is a image. I hope you can help me! thanks