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  1. fsaiz

    777 freezing

    Hi, Like Kimmo, I have not be able to complete one flight without freeze since last month when I changed my configuration and then purchased PMDG777 and ASN... I read all these topics and I am going to try each of all suggestions as soon as possible. I am surprised that some suggestions work with some people and not with some others... so I am not very optimistic with the tries I am going to do... Since a few days, I don't read new topics... Everyone has solve their problems ? I will let you know the issues of my test... hopping I can fly long haul again with all PMDG aircraft... PS1 : in my memories, i think I replaced some control keys (open doors and cargo) for 747 (PMDG). PS2 : in my memories, i also noticed that with default key 1, i was able to trim up the 777, but not trim down with default key 7... (?) PS3 : with MD11, an immediate and systematically freeze occures when entering route flight in the CDU "XXXX/XXXX"... Franck