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    I am a real world SR20 pilot with 250 Hours on the SR20 and 600 hours total. Night rating and Instrument ratings. Iuse this setup for effective IFR training approaches and also trial flights to appreciate what landscape I will fly over in the real world
  1. I had that problem too. Installed many times and reloaded the pc and finally got it to work reliably enough with photographic scenery too. I found that I COULD NOT install either service packs one or two in FSX and it worked fine. My pc setup is Core i7 4770 OC to 4.4G and 8GB DDR3 at 2000 (2G) a Samsung Evo 840 512G SSD and Nvidia GTX770 graphics card Mobo is Gigabyte GA Z97M-DS3H. I am an IT consultant and a real world pilot so I have built a good workable system to practice ILS and NDB approaches with real world Garmin plates prior to doing the flight for real in my Cirrus SR20 A Seitek approved Yolk and pedals setup is essential but they need tweaking using knowledge of flying the real world aircraft in order to get the correct scaling and calibration. The Cessna approved trim wheel is also nice to have especially if you are flying Cessnas or PA28's I have advertised and sold the system to other pilots in the UK doing IR training and it competes with a professional simulator costing 15X more However I also use Prepar3D which in some way is more reliable but it also has differences from FSX but it critically DOES NOT crash and is supported whereas FSX is a dead product 8 years old now . . .
  2. owenros

    Eaglesoft SR-22 review feedback

    Hmm . . . . I guess you are a sim. pilot and have no experience in flying a real world Cirrus SR22 and maybe limited experience with single engine GA aircraft on the simulator. It really depends if you want to play games or use the flight simulator as a training aid for real world flying. I understand that some users just like playing at being pilot and will thus not have had undergone the rigorous training needed to get a pilot's licence, nor the conversion to type for the Cirrus which is 10 hours minimum with a CSIP rated instructor. The Eaglesoft Cirrus addon is a superb product which I use regularly for Instrument flying training with FSX, real world weather and photographic scenery disks in almost every function it is IDENTICAL to flying the real aircraft. In fact it is easier to fly a real Cirrus than the flight simulator. Before every flight I do a trial run in the sim. including instrument approaches. This is a real safety enhancer. The only variation between this and the real aircraft is as follows: Twin GNS430's are not independent The functionality of the GNS430's are not 100% the same as the real iarmin GNS430 and some menu items are missing e.g. When entering a flight plan, you cannot enter a full route, you can only do a "Direct to" function, which is a very small issue and keeps you aware in fact. The Lean assist function does not operate in the same way as the real aircraft and you have to cut the mixture to zero twice to get best economy To simulate the VS / ALT function on the autopilot (Climb to preset altitude on the PFD) you have to press the space BETWEEN the VS and ALT buttons to simulate this - don't forget to first set heading mode and bug the heading in the PFD or set a course with the GNS430 and use the NAV button. You have to press the "Z" button on the keyboard to turn on and off the autopilot then the usual NAV VS/ALT procedure. The autopilot disengage function on the joystick in the sim does not work. The checklists are pretty accurate but there are some small anomolies The MFD does not give the full map display as on the real item, nor does the TCAS work When simulating an SR20 using the SR22 sim, you must use only 66% full power to get the same performance as an SR20 i.e. about 800 to 1000 ft per minute at 85 kt /10 degree climbout. Remember the SR22 is 300HP whereas the SR20 is just 200HP also the max cruise on the SR20 is about 140KT. The Eaglesoft sim will cruise at 206kt which would only be true for the flagship Cirrus SR22 turbo X aircraft. A non turbo SR22 would cruise at 170KT In summary - anybody wanting to get the best out the the Eaglesoft Cirrus addon get trained up first - all the real world documents should suffice and are online. Don't complain that the product is bad, rather look to your own inadequacies first Written by an IT consultant and Cirrus pilot. Total 600 hours P1 (300 on Cirrus SR20 / 22) and 80 hours real world instrument flying.