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  1. Maelstrom Aviation

    GTN 750 in PC-12

    Hi everybody, I am affraid that I do not longer have these textures. I did a clean install of P3D a few weeks ago and forgot to make a back-up of these files. If anyone else still has these has these files, I encourage them to share them here or in the avsim file library. Jeroen
  2. Maelstrom Aviation

    GTN 750 in PC-12

    Hi, Download these 3 files: Make sure you backup your existing VC textures! Replace with the files in destination: Flightsim folder\SimObjects\Airplanes\Carenado PC12\Texture.Common Enjoy!
  3. Maelstrom Aviation

    GTN 750 in PC-12

    Hi, Anyone interested in a tweaked VC texture. I tried to make the GNS530 look a little more like the GTN750. Hopefully Carenado will come with an update to add the Flight GTN750. Let me know and I will find a way to share the textures.
  4. Maelstrom Aviation

    GTN 650 or 750?

    Hi Andreas, I would only recommend the 650 over the 750 if available space on your panel is limited. Like you said, the larger screen and therefor ease of use makes it more appealing. Especially since there is no price difference. Flight1 updated the package two day ago and now you have World wide terrain coverage. So there is no need to buy any DVD anymore. Since the program uses the actual Garmin training software (download link to trainer included in installation process) almost every option is available. It is very easy and logical in use, but if you want, the actual Garmin manual will provide all the information needed. There are also tons of instruction videos on YouTube. The only "issue" is that the nav database is also linked to the Garmin trainer. Therefor, there is no option to use navigraph updates. Cheers, Jeroen
  5. Maelstrom Aviation

    Bug list DA42

    Hi Louis, Confirmed.
  6. Maelstrom Aviation

    Bug list DA42

    It seems Alabeo used a DA42NG built before 2009 as reference. In the pre 2009 models, the fuelpump switches are not present. Same goes for the ECU A option. See the following picture: You are referring to DA42 NG models built after 2009. Cheers
  7. Maelstrom Aviation

    Bug list DA42

    This is what it looks like in P3D. I will send them a ticket.
  8. Maelstrom Aviation

    Bug list DA42

    I also found out that the Ice check light on the left wing is not working properly. When switched on at the TKS panel, the light on the left wing seems to be pointing forward instead of towards the wings leading edge.
  9. Maelstrom Aviation

    DA 42 Twin Star

    Hi guys, Just had my first go with the Alabeo DA42. I have some hours on the real aircraft and promised some details on my experience. As mentioned before, but worth mentioning again, it looks amazing! I use P3D v2.5 and had no trouble installing, taxibg or flying it. It handles pretty much like the real thing. Nervous on yaw during take-off, familiar stall behaviour and the approach and landing look and feel the same. I also like the one engine out yawing moment and the fact that the propellor feathers accordingly. As for the systems, you guys already found some issues. I noticed that switching the battery on (starting the G1000) cost almost 10fps. Emergency gear, alternate air, gear warning test, TKS de-icing, VOTER Switches, and the ECU test do not seem to work at all. Switching the VOTER switch between auto and ECU A/B would cause a short, but noticeable, reduction in RPM. This does not happen. The ECU test buttons should be pressed both simultaneously for 10sec, resulting in two power increases before returning to idle again. Even though it is not possible to press two buttons with one mouseclick, this also does not seem to be simulated. The G1000 looks and feels nice but is also not simulated completely. The FADEC does seem to work really well. Sounds are nice, though a few system sounds are missing. The most important one already mentioned, altitude approach warning. And I miss the very distinct electric hydraulic pump for the gear, which you often hear for 2-3 seconds when switching on the master electric. I will do some more flying tomorrow. Overall, I like the fact that it looks, handles and sounds like the modern and stiff carbon aircarft that the DA42 is. It only needs some more system details. Regards, Jeroen
  10. Maelstrom Aviation

    DA 42 Twin Star

    Hi guys, I have a few hours on the real thing. The RPM's hitting the red during take-off and the yaw thing is actually something I experienced during every flight. Your really need to work your feet during take-off. I thinking of buying it today. In real life it is a great plane to fly. Cheers Jeroen
  11. Maelstrom Aviation

    MDA/DH Question

    Hi Tamadeez, A small correction to your summary. A Radar altimeter does not receive its height information by the means of lasers but by the means of radar waves. A different, and higher, frequency wave than for example the VHF range used for communication. Radar altimeters normally only measure from 2500ft AGL. I am not sure however if the radar altimeter on the Q400 accounts for the gear height. Maybe Airline2Sim can clarify? Cheers, Jeroen