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  1. Hi All I too would love to be able to experience what it would be like to approach a very busy airport and entry a descending holding pattern that I have heard described this way. Like on the charts a holding pattern is designated for approaches (such as a racetrack) and that ATC tells u to enter at a specific altitude and speed and give a descent rate. For instance 13 planes in a holding pattern where u enter at 12,000 feet and as you do the racetrack you descend at say 100 fpm ( or 100-1500 loss of altitude per holding fix crossing ... at which u have descended 1000 feet and the plane before you has done the sand. AND at at the bottom exits and get final approach and landing clearance and the next plane following do the same and so on. (Picture a car park 8 levels high and cars spaced so there is only one car on each floor and as they go down the ramp they reach the bottom level - exit the pattern cleared to land. New planes entering the pattern do so at 1000 above the highest plane and this continues until the holding area is empty and all planes have landed. I realize my numbers and timing may be off and this may be an old or even oudated-unrealistic procedure - but picture the thrill as a simmer doing this maneuver at the worlds busiest airport gets. I know its not a native AI procedures and the major difficulty is getting ATC to know when and how to even do this as well as getting AI craft to follow it.. But could it be coded in ANY Way and added in any fashion so that ALL planes arriving enter this procedure, regardless of the 'Normal' wayi--- just so this can be experienced? realistically or not. Off top of my head if planes can be given a IFR flight plan that has all the way points and descent profile of the stack built i, would they follow it? Hope this concept is clear and i realize THAT rarely are planes stacked into holding patterns likE this but is there ANY way to do it? As i think many of us wpuld love to actually perform a Stacked holding patter as a challenge.
  2. Thanks raex-flight that's an an awesome system. So good in fact that I was wondering why I haven't seen it in any comparative reviews yet. Especially since it has been out for a while apparently. At first; as I read it, I was thinking it was a standalone simulator for just one type of plane. But as I read on I realized that when all is said and done what it is just a plane addon with a few other addons built in? and that it wont work without FSX or P3D, etc.? (using FSX as the scenery generator according to forum) and while it has a ton of features and is designed for real world cockpit interfacing - it would be right up there as one of my first choices, hands down. Unfortunately I think the ~$500 price tag is too high for my tastes. (hope I read that wrong). I'm building the cockpit from scratch not just for the experience - which to be honest is just as fun as flying - but because i need to keep the cost down since i can't afford to buy high priced hardware and then the software to fly it.. All the money I save on cockpit is going to software. Which is one reason i'm looking here for advice so i don't buy the wrong software to start out with.
  3. I bought the same cards and have not wired them up myself yet. (I think we might become best friends if we work together to get these to work, lol) but it sounds to me like you messed up the configurations for the cards themselves. I think you need to replace the file you edited with an original uneded copy, that should fix the crash problem, but not what you you were trying to do in the first place, to help figure this out -- when you said you have the 'USB connection to the expansion card 'you meant the Paralell cable connection from the Master to the expnasion card right? and the Expansion card's USB cord is connected to the computer? I assume you do since you say you registered the button press properly. SO what is it that you were trying trying to do with this 'script' that a button press wouldn't accomplish? can't figure out what might have gone wrong with out more info please.
  4. very true, the originals in a real plane ARE rotary encoders. If you dont wish to order some (Desktop Aviator has them real cheap) you can get them out of old car radios, some keyboards and even toys. Just make sure they turn continuously and dont have stops. Otherwise, If setup properly - to auto repeat - you can fit either a 3 position Rotary or SPDT with center off switch to a keyboard mapping to allow you to increase or decrease the setting. again however you would need a keyboard emulator card to do so (or wire it to a keyboard if you feel daring) Other than that - you have to have an IO board to interface them. There are many sources for those, some are mostly for switches/buttons but have the encoder ability as an addon, lol. I'm curious tho, what is LInda? While my 3d printer is Arduino based I have never had an opportunity to use it as a hobby controller, is Linda part of that?
  5. I like it. Looks almost like a spaceship bridge! cool. I'm building one as well, not enough along for pics yet, but doing it from the ground up, i mean literally from scratch, not a single item will be store bought (well except such things as joysticks, etc from thrift stores - which i take apart for the parts) and toggle switches and 7-segemtn displays - Some things u just can't make at home. But otherwise building it all my self - including Korry switches, now thats fun. For the moment I use just twin displays on a desk and a sloppy joystick. Bummer. Did finish the Yoke however, When hooked up i expect to be able to align up for manual landings smoothly instead of wallowing all over the sky! lol Good Work
  6. Hi All Its been a few years since I last flew FSX and am coming back with a vengence. What I have is a partially built Cockpit and no payware software (I used freeware before I put the game away). I recently ordered some I/O boards, Buttons, switches and bought ALOT of castaway Joysticks, LED displays, pedels, etc for parts, and acquired alot of free transparent plastic sheets and foamcore board from a local Walmart that was remodeling. All this for making panels and such to complete the Instrument bays and enclosure. Here is my delima, I've been away for so long I do not know which software is considered the best anymore and especially ones that will be useable to interface with a Live Instrumented and Hardware controlled cockpit. I'm familiar with the need for software (especially FSIOPC) for the Interface cards to connect the hardware to the computer and so on. So no need to make suggestions on HOW to connect Hardware to the Software. (Yet, lol) What I would like to get comments on from everyone here is "which software" is best suited for this type of flying. What I mean is - the plane i fly - must have undockable 2d panels for me to use them in seperate displays and be sufficiantly detailed in its software controlled systems to allow control of as many aspects of the plane (the more the merrier) with the hardware switches and buttons from the real cockpit. I'm partial to the 747, but depending on which plane allows me to use the most displays and switches from the cockpit -- is the plane I may end up buying. I need to know this before I do the actuall panel constructions or course - so the cockpit fits the plane. And this does not have to be a single product. By that I mean If you know of a plane that will alone not allow the most external control but that with certain addons (guages, utilities, etc) to that plane that would achieve the maximum control possibilities that would work just as well too (if you yourself know that they both play well with each other that is). The only other things I would like on my eventual choice would be: Ability to display realistic weather radar that interfaces with both default and addon weather software.. Full featured TACAS system. Ability to open doors and such for ground services. Configurable failure modes. the most automated takeoff/landing modes available are a plus. Those are all really wanted - but only a lack of a fully functional FMC is a real deal breaker. From my research so far it seems like PMDG and a couple others are till the only game in town. but feel free to tell me your experiences with these too - if you have interfaced them to real world controls in a DIY cockpit. I also realize there ae a couple new Simulation software makers out there as well (Prepared3D and XPlane for instance) I might be willing to switch to one of those but ONLY if they allow more connectivity to the airplane than FSX/FSIOPC do. So can anyone help me figure out which plane - that is out on the market now - that has the best capability to fully interfcae with a home cockpit? With and/or without addon software. ... It s not just the ability to do so I'm asking about but the quantity of controls they offer for external access as well as ability to display in seperate LED panels. And secondly any addons or utilities that work well for home cockpits and/or enhance the planes' abilities to interface as well? So anyone with Homecockpits out there that can help have at it. Thanks Phil