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  1. mechan1c333

    A2A C182 and P3D - Spectacular

    Thanks for the quick reply poppet. Been used to FSX and X Plane 10 which is amazing. Like everything if its configured properly. But well impressed with P3D. Think i'll do as you recommend and subscribe to A2A forums. Thanks again Elaine, nice meeting you too. Pete Rowlands
  2. mechan1c333

    A2A C182 and P3D - Spectacular

    Hi jb I purchased this p3d Xmas and im impressed with the game.Especially the eye candy. But I sometimes think I've purchased a bit of white elephant. In as much as although its Fsx improved I thought there may have been a Cessna 172 at least or even a Boeing 737, but nothing! And I've been trying to find out how I can install a/c into the game but I'm told you have to be carefull in case you step on someone's toes and god forbid infringe copyright!! And told to make sure you have authorisation to install and use the software model. For gods sake I only want to pass a few hours away pretending to be an airline pilot. Where's the harm in that. I can't believe that a "decent" flight sim doesn't have the bread and butter(Cessna/Boeing a/c) installed. So after all that I'm still trying to find out how you install a/c into P3d. And any help would be gratefully appreciated. The A2A Cessna is impressive and I would willingly purchase it if I knew how to install it. Thanks for reading my rant!! Pete