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  1. My touchscreen is secondary. I do keep my taskbar locked on my touchscreen, it is running of my Intel CPU instead of my NVidia cards, and also I have "Display Fusion" installed for it's multi-monitor features. So if you needed it to be secondary, it should be possible in some configuration. I have mine setup that way since driver upgrades with NVidia, or major setting changes in Nvidia control panel would usually renumber the monitors when all 4 were on my 780 TIs. That would then cause windows to think touches on my touchscreen were actually on another monitor and I'd have to go into tablet settings in Win8.1 and reconfigure again. Separating my touchscreen from my NVidia card seems to have stopped that issue. Now what I haven't found is a good 4 monitor stand.
  2. I have 4 monitors. 3 for display via NVidia surround, and a touchscreen I use for FMS/GPS, etc. Mine works fine with P3D in Windows 8.1. My touchscreen monitor is not powered by my primary video card(s), it is connected via the Intel CPU's video out. I don't know if that makes a difference. Is it only P3D panels, or can you not get touch recognition windows like IE either while in P3D?