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  1. Hi Chris, I like it. Little Navmap will scan your X-Plane data including sceneries like airports and include this information in the map. I really like that I can see the airspaces. When I click inside them, you can look at a list of the existing airspaces at that point with their vertical dimensions. You see your plane plus AI or multiplayer planes, you can choose how often the map moves (e.g. only if it leaves a defined portion of the screen or with every tiny change), can switch off the lock to the plane and move the map around like you want to, etc. The base map is from Openstreetmap. As the program is easy to install, free and completely inside one directory (okay, three if you count the remote laptop and the plugin directory as well), which need not be installed, just unpacked, I would recommend trying it. Perhaps in a first try only locally and if you like it at least a bit in remote configuration. If not, just throw away the plugin in the installation directory. Ciao, Björn
  2. Little Navmap remote connection: You need to have Little NavConnect running on both the FS PC and the remote laptop. At least that's what I did wrong the first time... ;-) Björn
  3. Yes, the DC-6 was the testbed for X-Plane. But in my eyes KORDATC is correct as well. Let me point you to the initial announcement from PMDG: In there is the paragraph: I have not that much experience with PMDG yet, but I understand that this is just a general information and not some timetable for the next releases. But at least it seems to promise that they earnestly plan to continue some kind of "classic" line. Björn Labitzke
  4. Check this forum as well: https://www.avsim.com/forums/forum/780-little-navmap-little-navconnect-little-logbook-support-forum/ I really like Plan-G, but tend to use Little Navmap more and more, because it fits most of my needs for such a program, some interesting features are already planned and it is quite actively maintained. Plan-G still lacks a nice airspace display at the moment for X-Plane.
  5. Hi Alex, thanks for the fast answer. An appropriate change in the long term might be nice. But if I am the only one interested, you really should concentrate on other things. Especially those that keep your interest in continuing the development high. Thanks, Björn
  6. Hi... When planning VFR flights I'd like to plan the altitudes I want to fly at at certain points as well. This is especially interesting in the vicinity of airspaces, which I'd like to fly into, above or below, for given traffic pattern altitudes, etc. At least the flight plan window does not seem to offer such planning or I could find no way to use it. I haven't been able to affect changes in the flight plan elevation profile (where it might be easy to change, if it was possible). Have I overlooked something? Many thanks in advance, Björn