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  1. Holton181

    Prepar3d v2.5 vs X-plane 10.35

    Just want to add: If you plan to fly helicopters as realistic as possible (far from the real thing for both sims), there isn't much of a choice. X-Plane is far superior in that field than FSX/P3D. You can use the HTR (Helicopter Total Realism) for FSX/P3D to get it a little bit closer, but it won't be enough. But helicopters can be hard to master in X-Plane, it is almost required that you get yourself some full length cyclic. I exclusively fly helicopters and therefor almost exclusively X-Plane, but what I miss the most from FSX/P3D is the AI ATC and dynamic AI planes, with its radio chatter.
  2. Thank you for that. I would (hopefuly...maybe...) add your answer to me at X-Plane.org as a quote in my post here if I just had seen it erlier ^_^
  3. Well, the combination is very easy to do yourself. I've tried and it works perfect so far.What I did was to read the documentation for Simple Season about how to add 'WinterWorld' for XP9. Just adopt the instructions to fit XP10. The content of '1000_autumn' and '1000_Winter' goes in to corresponding folders in 'zzzzzz1000 world terrain' '1000 autogen_RUS_Autmn' and '1000 autogen_Winter' are only for Russia while '1000 autogen_autmn' and '1000 autogen_World_Winter' is for the entire world (a little inconsistency in naming) The rest is self-explanatory I guess. An it looks quite well indeed, even though the winter doesn't look as deep as ShePooley's 'very deep snow' in my opinion (so far). Simple Season is indeed a fabulous plugin! The winter textures are a little bit heavy on the FPS though, dropped about 15 frames flying low over my local town (helicopter), 10 over surrounding forest, compared to autumn with everything else the same. Both causes heavy FPS drop when first entering the the town borders but stabilizing on a reasonable level after a few seconds.But never the less, an interesting project worth following!