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  1. steffmann

    Flaps problem

    Hello Bryan, phantastic, I solved the problem. I deleted all keyboard commands in the FS settings and everything works correct notch by notch. Thank you for your help. Stefan
  2. steffmann

    Flaps problem

    Hello, I will reopen this topic with a problem I haven't solved so far. FS2Crew works fine, the only problem is the flap setting. If I call flaps 1 the flaps will be set to 2, if I call flaps 5 they will be set to 10. So only every second notch will be set, the same happens while retracting the flaps. I only use the FSX standard keyboard setting for the flaps, no other third party device. I tried to use keyboard commands instead of yoke buttons for the primary and secondary button but nothing changed. Any ideas? Regards Stefan