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  1. SOP 2 too ;) It's quite similar to the procedures of the Virtual Airline I'm currently flying with.
  2. Wow! Great explanation Bryan! We (At the Airline where I was flying the 747) used to use Flaps 5 when entering downwind (then the after takeoff and descent checklist) and flaps 10 abeam landing threshold, then APP checklist. The rest of the procedure almost the same, very standard. Once again, thank you for your work. Outstanding product.
  3. Hi Bryan, Is there a "touch and go" mode like in the 777 version? I looked for it in the manuals and found nothing about it. Thanks for this outstanding work.
  4. Well, I've certainly used this option in the past. I'm not sure if it was in P3D v4 because now I'm using P3D v3 again. But I've used it for sure. Now it doesn't work.
  5. Hi, When I select a route offset it works as it should, but I can't get the offset removed by deleting or entering zero, as it should. The FMC display the message "invalid delete" or "invalid entry". This option worked properly in the past, maybe it was spoiled in some of the recent updates.
  6. Thank you, Robert! Can't wait for the 747-8!! ;)
  7. Hi, I've downloaded the exterior and interior sound packages from the OC. The file has been downloaded properly, ptp extracted msg, and there is a sound.surround folder inside Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 777-200LR. But I can't select the file in the OC, the program just give the option to "download" the file again (both). I remember in the P3D V3 version that, after the installation of the downloaded files, the "download" option disapear and I can choose then between the "stereo" and the "sorround" option. I can't do that in this version, because the OC only offer me the option of download the file again, and again... How may I proceed about this? I've looked in the manuals and found nothing. Thanks in advance.
  8. No, it is not sarcasm. I know I've to upgrade my GPU. I've to find a video card compatible with my system, and of course consider the economical matter. I'm not a sarcasm guy by the way. Best,
  9. Hi Kyle, I've a 2011 Alienware Aurora, good CPU, RAM, etc, but a GTX580 with 1.5GB. My P3D settings are in the middle to low, and I can get around 30 to 40 fps on the QOTS and FB KSFO. But when I turn on the dynamic lights, the frames go down to 12-15 fps... Yeah, probably I should update my GPU...
  10. Well I'm afraid I'm gonna be in the dark for a long time then, because this dynamic lighting is too much for my actual GPU.
  11. Hi, I've the problem with the light splash. it's only visible with the dynamic lighting on, but the lights should iluminate the ground without the dynamic light option too, just like the defaults P3D airplanes. I think this is a PMDG's issue. I hope they fix it, because I'm not using the dynamic lighting, so I'm in the dark right now ;)
  12. Just copy a pmdg_747X_fuselage2.dds file from any other LH paint and overwrite the existing one in the ABVA folder.
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